Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Maiden Voyage...

Well here I am, as promised, starting my new blog following my expat life in Norway.

Technically, I'm a bit of a liar, since I'm sitting in my Mother's kitchen in Washington typing this post out...but we're leaving in 48 hours, so I wanted to get this shindig set up and ready to roll before our flight officially departs on Wednesday.

Pre-expat status as of now:

I'm really kicking myself over all those comments I had made about not needing to be nervous about having enough room for all my clothing in my luggage. I'm glad I started the trial run packing this evening, and NOT on Wednesday morning in my usual last-minute-pack fashion...

it's going to be a close one, ya'll.

So close in fact, that I don't think  "close" is really accurate. My Husband is putting money on me having to go to the post office in the morning to ship a box ahead of me. Oh the "I told you so!"'s abound right about now, folks, let me tell you...

So after the load of laundry I'm working on is totally finished we'll just have to see, but from the looks of things at this point, I won't be surprised either if I'm sizing up "if it fits it ships" options tomorrow. No, not surprised, just embarassed at the sheer amount of clothing I not only possess, but also threw a fit over keeping with me instead of relinquishing it to the movers three-odd weeks ago.

So now, off to fold laundry, jump on a few more space-saver bags, let the obscenities fly, then most likely give up and watch Intervention with my Mom.

It's a charmed life, kids, I tell you, a charmed life I lead.