Friday, December 18, 2009

Not quite the dreaded expat depression, but...

I'm definitely starting to feel in a funk.

Now I've seen all the reports of the dreaded "expat depression" that so often sets in on those that are far away from their native countries, but optimistically, I don't think I'm quite there.

Harald hasn't found a job just yet, but applies like crazy every day and has that to look forward to and be excited about. Plus, you know the whole, being back where he grew and surrounded by family and holiday traditions he's been missing...

Me, obviously, not so much.

I've never been a huge fan of Christmas as holidays go, and the simple facts that I'm far away from my family, and I wasn't able to go Christmas shopping like I would prefer, since that's my favorite part of the holiday is really hurting my mood. Plus, in Norway most people don't put up Christmas trees until the last minute, and my in-laws are among them.

My family never put ours up super early, but most definitely by now we would have it up decorated, and swamped by beautifully wrapped presents. Here, there are hardly any decorations, I haven't shopped for anyone, and there's no tree just yet...I'm not sure if it will get put up before the 23rd either.

I don't know, it just doesn't feel like Christmas, and all I don't really have anything to look forward to on a daily basis. I don't mind doing all the chores I've assigned myself around the house, but they don't like totally psych me out to be doing them obviously. Just the daily grind of schoolwork (of which there is plenty) and trying to read my pleasure books.
That's about it.

And it's totally freezing outside, by the way. Right now it's about 20F, and the sun is just starting to sink down below the horizon, once it gets dark it will probably be more like 5F or 10F.
Obviously much colder than I've experience in Washington for the past odd's bringing me back to growing up in the Midwest with the air so cold and dry that your cheeks turn red and chapped after just a few minutes. Doesn't exactly make you want to go places out there!

At the moment, I'm waiting on a couple of packages from the states, which hopefully will be here in the next few days fresh from Nebraska and Washington. THAT is something to look forward to...but still, I just find myself wanting to curl up in bed and sleep for days. Where it's quiet and soft and blissfully dreamy.
But I won't. Instead, I'm going to try and do some holiday baking tomorrow to get me in the Christmas mood. Everyone is home for the holidays now, with Harald's little brother coming in from college up North for the next week. Hopefully I can create some of the baked goods that mean Christmas to me, and it will rip me up out of this funk!

I'm sure it will pass soon, just have to stay optimistic and busy I guess...