Wednesday, December 23, 2009

They Came!

Just when I was starting to get discouraged about whether or not I would get my packages from the states before Christmas Eve tomorrow...they came today, both of them!

My Mom sent me a giant box FILLED with amazing, junky American food and other sundries. Christmas peeps, a DVD of Snow White to add to my Disney DVD collection, vegan mac n' cheese, nutty bars, twinkies, candy cane oreos, and whack-an-orange to name just a few...and of course the handful of clothes of mine that didn't make it into my suitcase and the remaining seven books too!

My Aunt and Uncle in Nebraska sent an equally giant box mostly full of Christmas presents that we can open tomorrow, and a large shoebox full of candy including the most massive bag of Twizzlers I've ever seen.

It was a really good day. I've been waiting for those two packages, with just a little taste (literally, right?) of home since I found out they were coming! I felt silly waiting on the mail every day, and even more silly this afternoon when I was watching the driveway from the window for when Harald would get back from the post office picking them up, but I couldn't help it!
Those two boxes, and no matter what was in them, were so important and exciting that I could barely stand it, they made me feel like a kid at Christmas...wait, it is Christmas!
How appropriate then!

Later tonight "Love, Actually" is on TV (one of my favorites) and Harald and I with his parents were planning on watching it together...I might even divvy up some snowman peeps to share!

Tomorrow I'll be going to my first Norwegian church service, and I'm kind of excited for that. The church is pretty new, and looks lovely from the outside, so I can't wait to see what it looks like from the inside! I'm a little nervous too, because if church shares the attitude of the rest of the country, there won't be any of the Midwestern Lutheran fellowship I grew up with and I'll probably get totally ignored, then maybe stared at if someone hears me speak English.
Not really looking forward to that.
It will, though, be like a little beacon of my family's Christmas tradition, and that alone will be comforting, I know. Hopefully we will get to hear the Christmas story ala most church services on Christmas Eve, and hearing it in Norwegian will be interesting. I already have been thumbing through Harald's old confirmation bible I found, and was really proud of myself for understanding everything!

At any rate, I'll try to post some pictures after Christmas, and I wish everyone and their families the best holiday, full of love, peace and joy...just what you're supposed to have on Christmas.

Merry Christmas!