Friday, December 4, 2009

We're here!

For all of you reading that were not either:
A.) Reached via my Mother's impromptu phone tree
B.) Checking my facebook status for updates

...we're here! Yes, all four of us got here in one piece, safe and sound. I was literally praising Jesus by the time we touched down in Stavanger and I saw my furbabies happy little faces. I can't remember the last time I was as happy, relieved and thankful as I was yesterday!

The flights were alright, as far as flights go. Leaving Seatac International was by far the worst instance, being as my Husband Harald and I had to simultaneously shell out a ridiculous amount of money, send off the dogs at the check-in gate, and say good-bye to my parents all within about ten minutes.
As far as my flying anxiety goes, I think I did alright especially for not having ANY medication to lean on. I admit, I was literally hysterical and about thirty seconds away from fainting while we were waiting for security at Seatac because I was hyperventilating, but I made it! That accounts for something doesn't it?
Saying good-bye to my Mom was just plain shitty, because it was saying good-bye to my Mom for an unspecified amount of time...and that just is what it is. Super depressing.
I think if I didn't have to have hadn't over my precious furbabies over to complete strangers right before that, saying good-bye to her would have been even worse, because then I would concentrating on that...I don't know, actually now that I think about it, I probably would have been hysterical either way.

But, bumpy flights aside, by the time Harald and I had arrived in Chicago for our layover, and knew the dogs had made it that far, I was feeling better. I talked to my Mom, best Auntie and one of my darling girls while we waited to take off to Copenhagen, and aside from being apprehensive about getting back on another plane, I at least was breathing correctly, lol.

In Copenhagen, Harald and I stopped by an airport cafe so I could get my tea on and he could satisfy his infamous Coca Cola addiction, at the counter, I immediately chatted with the cashier, who was obviously American also, so it was nice hearing a familiar accent, and that willingness to talk to strangers that we Yankees seem to possess.
He took Harald's bank card to pay, but stopped and asked why Harald, obviously a Scandinavian had a Washington state drivers license. We explained we were just moving from there to Norway, his response:
"No way! I'm from Spokane, guys!"
It really is a small world, isn't it? Like, bizarrely small at times.
Anyway, after the 50-minute flight aboard a plane the size of a Barbie dreamjet from Copenhagen to Stavanger, our baggage hopped right out of the Stavanger airport's only baggage carousel...well, three out of our four bags anyway, I practically skipped over to the window to report my missing bag since I by then had Gatsby back in my arms where he should be and after a quick going-over by the customs agents with our dog's paperwork we were free!

Free to stumble exhausted and heavy-laden with our giant bags and equally wiped-out puppies into the freezing cold. It was a bit nippy, just by comparison with the kind of weather we had been coming from in Washington. The dogs were shocked by the cold too, even though they wanted to run around from being in crates for 20+ hours, they kept huddling against our legs when the icy wind hit them.

After the ferry ride and drive home we were shown to our adorable little bedroom. Even though we don't have a closet, my Mother-in-law bought a lovely chest-of-drawers and hanging rack to go in our freshly painted new abode. It's cozy, clean, and the bed is UH-mazingly comfortable.

I think the Daisy; our Scottish terrier is especially confused about the new situation, that is not just the new house, the new range of smells, but the absence of fellow puppy playmates that she kept company with back in Hansville. Both dogs have eaten, drank, and done all their business since we arrived, and I gave them both a little check-up after we had them back at the airport, so I know their physical state is totally fine. Gatsby, our Pomeranian is pretty well settled, and very tired overall, but Daisy just keeps wandering around and crying every once in a while, like she's looking for something/someone that she knows isn't here...she just got back from a walk with Harald and seems to be feeling better now. This evening she's got a date with Harald and his best friend Tormod to go for a run after Tormod is off from work.

Well, that's pretty much it at this point. I haven't had a chance to do much of anything since we got here obviously, and the goal for the day is to unpack our clothes and get the suitcases out of our room, so we feel more settled straggler suitcase should be delivered to the house any time now, and I'm sure it will be making an appearance soon. Until then, it's all on the Hubby to blaze the unpacking trail as 90-95% of my clothing is still making its way to our new home from Denmark.

Other than settling, the plan at this point is to head to our municipality's police station on Monday so that I can get my visa properly applied to my passport, and thus officially living here with government approval and awareness. I took a little break from school work for Thanksgiving and moving, but my next class starts on Tuesday as well, but I think it will be great to get back into the swing of my school work, maybe it will make me feel more at home and normalized, regardless of the fact that I will be then officially working on my thesis starting next week.

What I'm Reading:
I'm excited about using this blog to keep track of what I'm reading for myself as a reference, and of course for all of you too, should you care or enjoy literary reviews, lol. So, here's my first title drop, I'll be posting a What I'm Reading section to the end of each blog, it will also keep me actively pleasure reading constantly, so it's a win-win for everyone in my book...
I started reading this book on the plane from Seattle to Chicago, I found it calling my name from a used bookstore in Port Townsend, and after seeing the title, cover, and synopsis on the back cover, I couldn't just leave it on the shelf!...even if it ended up making an even dozen for the books that I purchased either openly or in covert operations while staying with my Mom in November before the move, and simultaneously breaking my newly imposed hardcover format snobbery.
Anyway, it's Time Was Soft There by Jeremy Mercer; a memoir about a Canadian journalist that ends up broke in Paris and residing at the world-famous Shakespeare & Co. bookstore with its amazing cast of characters and endless book collection.
I'm only a chapter or two from finishing this piece, and so far have been really delighted by it. Technically speaking, the writing is nothing to write home about, but the story itself is so enchanting for a bibliophile to read, just the prospect of living a truly bohemian, communal life in such an amazing setting is something to lust after, and the characters are very endearing. The setting alone has bumped Paris up onto my must-see travel list...yes, it took a bookstore to persuade me to want to visit the city of lights and love...don't judge me!
I would recommend this piece to other bookworms and lit lovers for a light, entertaining read that won't take much time.