Saturday, January 9, 2010


Well darling readers, again I fear I've reached an impass.

...I knew coming here, essentially following my new Husband "home" would be the hardest thing I've done to date in my life. I wasn't expecting a walk through the park, or things handed to us with kit gloves as soon as we arrived.

but I also didn't necessarily think we might be moving again so soon, when we just got here last month, and before that had been staying with my Mom for almost a month before vacating our little Tacoma apartment.

However, it could very well happen.

Harald had a job interview on Wednesday this week with a successful, rising small business outside of Bergen. This location is about three hours North of where we live now, and requires driving aand ferry-catching (a sport my Washingtonian readers are not altogether unfamiliar with) to get there.

Today, he got the call. His proposed employment contract is in the mail, and they want him to start by the first of the month.

It's a great opportunity for him, small business or no, he'll be starting very close to the top of a very successful company, and it is work he is interested and excited about. For this, I am so proud and excited for my Husband.

For the potential, likely move in my future, making the fourth in three months, I am not any of these things.

With our non-existent capital as a family, we will have to find the most appropriate, modest apartment asap in the area so Harald can start working in a few weeks, and all hopes and dreams of staying here with the in-laws, saving up money from work until we can start house-hunting, and start really letting our roots unfurl and dig gone. If this is our path, we'll have to concentrate on finding a car first, and re-acclimating to our new town instead, and fast.

I know, and truly believe that God only gives you what you can handle, and there is a greater plan. I know my little family, and everything it one day will be, will be safe and taken care of, regardless of our final decision on this matter.

But that doesn't mean I'm not scared.

Harald is planning on negotiating his terms of salary before officially accepting the offer. He was doing his usual; (adorable mind you) hunching over spreadsheets and budgeting, calculating our potential lives with the initially proposed salary, and is convinced he deserves, and we need more, especially if it means moving and all that entails.

If he gets his negotiated demands, we will go.

Oh, did I mention, that this company also plans on moving facilities to accomadate their success by September of 2010?

Moving far enough from their present location that would require us to move again too.

It's easy, with news like this, for a girl that hates moving, a newly made expat girl that is still getting used to her new country, to throw up her hands, throw in the towel, and just let the current sweep her up...

I won't. Everything happens for a reason, and like my beloved Bowie once infamously said:
Strange fascination, fascinating me
Changes are taking the pace I'm going through...

WIR update:
To leave on a less serious, more constant for you all, and reassure you that I'm not in fact a total mess, and still reading as usual, I'm starting Leave it to Me by Bharati Mukherjee...and though I have mountains of homework to do, and mini-deadlines all having to do with my thesis, my goal is to leave this baby in my wake as planned, in well under a week's time.