Saturday, January 16, 2010

New WIR version

Just popping in, my dear readers to introduce you to the ultra new, swanky, hi-tech version of WIR, or the "what I'm reading" updates. Since I'm a huge bookworm, and have been trying to be diligent about updating you blog-fans about my literary exploits, an amazing lady, and old friend of mine from our college days(and blogger herself) just cued me into this new website that will do the job for me!
Plus, it's sort of a geek dream, a bookworm's delight if you will.

So enjoy, darling readers, and especially fellow bibliophiles among you my new virtual bookshelf on Shelfari!

Also special, giant thanks to Pastor Joel for taking the time to fix my header so that the page is correctly I am not page/html - savvy enough to do so myself. lol. Hopefully the creation of my February 2010 header will go a bit smoother, without unfortunate, kind civilians having to be involved in the crosshairs to clean up for me.

As far as exciting Weegie-related news, I unfortunately have none...only an ever-increasing mountainous structure of homework looming over me...thus the really fun, really time consuming distraction mentioned above.
I suppose though with an odd forty pages of Norwegian homework in my work book, and hearty chunk of my thesis proposal all conveniently due on Monday, I should strap on my support harness, find a spotter, and start climbing...