Tuesday, January 26, 2010

No way, man...

So I'm convinced...this cannot be right. It feels so much colder than 1C!

I've literally been shivering, non-stop for the past 48 hours or so here, folks. I've checked my temperature a few times, it's totally normal, my neck and forehead aren't hot to the touch, and no detectable swollen nodes or anything like that...

but I am freaking freezing.

Like, we're talking, my cartilage-rich features maintain the surface temperature of popsicles, even when I've been inside for hours...phalanges too!

I didn't mind it all up until recently, but now, all the crunchy snow, and cold wind...I'm totally over it. On the walk to my school this morning (wearing literally four layers on my upper body, keep in mind) I literally was choking back tears and trying to burying my face in my scarf because I was so miserable and cold. As if I'm not crazy looking enough on a regular basis, let's throw in audible teeth-chattering sounds while sitting in a classroom with the heater on full blast and the rest of it's occupants in long sleeve t-shirts!

Also, as I've been told by seasoned West coast Weegies, that much like the areas of the U.S. that I'm natively from, spring and it's lovely weather does not officially begin here -thus snow is totally plausible- until Easter every year. Like parts of the Midwest, people tend to feel relieved around this holiday, because at least they know the temperature will finally start to climb again soon. So I guess what I really want to know is:

Er det PĂ„ske enda?
(Is it Easter yet?)