Thursday, February 18, 2010

Homework, Ash Wednesday and Gold Medals

Hello everyone, just popping by to check in since I haven't posted in last exciting day was my post after all!

A quick side note that warranted screams of joy from yours truly:  I got an email from my Mom last night (our time) to say my laptop just arrived and she would be shipping it out to me, Friday morning at the latest cause she knew how badly I wanted it.

Also yesterday was Ash Wednesday. And I'm not sure if the Weegies just don't care much, or it isn't their thing, but there was officially no service of any kind at new church. I checked the church website service schedule and everything! Then I heard the laptop message from my Mom which included a note about how she had to go and finish her soup pot because it was her turn to cook for the service n' soup Lent dinner that happens every Wednesday night during this season. There is not a whole lot that is more quintessentially Midwestern Lutheran than a soup dinner buffet in a church basement before a Lent service.
I got a little teared up. It made me really homesick for that kind of fellowship and tradition and I grew up with, because now it's suddenly not even an, I maintain that us Midwestern Lutheran ladies are the best cooks around...I miss the soup too!
It's weird too to think that I have a new church here in Norway. I haven't even talked to the pastor yet! I'll always have home-ties to my family's church in Washington, but I guess it's time to face the music and get settled in here a bit too. I decided that the services on Maunday Thurday and Good Friday (and of course Easter Sunday) will afford me at least one opportunity to personally meet the pastor of the church, and at that point I'll post some photos of what the interior looks like, just because it's really unique to me since it's a fairly new church, and Scandinavian so the design elements are pretty modern, clean, and a little odd, but very beautiful. I know my Mom wants to see what it looks like, so I'll try and jump on that!
I'm not giving anything up for Lent this year. Growing up, it wasn't something that was mandatory or even really encouraged that much in our church(es). Even though I feel like this is the theme of my life and I post about it all the time (sorry!), my goal for Lent is just to be appreciative for my life and all it's blessings. At most I'm using this season of Lent to motivate myself to provide my body with the best and most whole food I can...which is what I should always be doing!
Hey, our bodies are precious temples made in His image, we should only provide the best for them to run on!

So I'm officially now on winter break, as of this afternoon. All the schools here in Norway have next week off for a little sanity-preserving refresher, and at my language center, we have both this week and next week off! (my SIL is quite jealous because she only has one week off from school, lol)

Exciting. Sleeping is pretty high up on my list of things to do during the break, as well as reading and unfortunately...paper writing. boo.

I just finished a writing assignment that's due tomorrow, and have another to finish up for Monday this week as well. It's not that I didn't expect to be busy or have oodles of work to wade through when I started my graduate program, but I think even I can safely say at this point: I'm getting tired.
Yes. Me, the I Love School - (since practically birth) girl, is feeling a little burdened by her weekly work load in her Master's program. Obviously I would never dream of quitting my program, it's not that dire! It's just that I've now passed the one year mark of being in my program, and the end is not really in sight...not until October or so anyway. So during my break from Norwegian classes, I won't have much language homework to do, but will more than make up for it in the amount of work and assignments I have due in my graduate program between usual weekly work and thesis deadlines.

Plus, it just occurred with me that even after my Master's program is complete and until I start my doctoral program (and who knows when that will happen!) I'll be grading my student's homework on a daily basis, this is an obvious aspect of the career I've chosen, so the fact that I kind of just came to this official conclusion is odd, I admit but still...homework is my life. And it always will be. Am I the only one a little daunted by that?

Anyway, in non-school-y business, last night Harald and I were just settling in for the night; I had just gotten out of the shower we were in our bedroom downstairs talking and getting ready for bed when from upstairs, my father-in-law shrieked loudly and started 11:00 at night.
We both stopped what we were doing for a moment before I concluded; "I bet he's watching the Olympics...maybe we should go up and see what happened..."
Sure enough, the FIL was sitting on the edge of his seat and excitedly explained that there were two Norwegian women that made the final heat for the Women's cross country skiing sprint race, and three Norwegian men were in their race's final heat too! We agreed we would stick around to see the final Women's and Men's race...

Norway won it's first gold medal last night!

I admit, I'm not a huge sports or Olympics fans in general but while we were watching, I got really excited too! In the Men's race, one of the Norwegian skiers took third, which is still placing obviously but, leave it up to those Weegie Ladies to bring home the gold bacon. lol.
Norway might be my new home, but I still felt so much pride when I saw that Weegie cross the finish line soon as she won she fell down on the ground and started crying. It was really amazing and moving to see, all the Norwegian flags and supporters going crazy, and the winner, her teammate and coaches all hugging and screaming.
Go us!

Now on to the daily grind, re: laundry, paper writing, and making the family kj√łttkaker for dinner...