Monday, February 8, 2010

Milde Himmel.

Ok. First, it is taking all my willpower not to write this entry in all caps, with a bold font in extra large size...instead I shall convey my excitement via photos:



Now, I realize that not everyone is the world's biggest fan of this wonderful lady and her art like I am, however, I literally almost peed myself when I read the details pertaining to this whale of an event.
For reals, folks, there is literally the biggest single exhibit ever to be culminated of Kahlo's work ever. As in pieces that were once lost, those from multiple different private collections and art museums from various locations around the American continents. If you're anywhere near as amped as I am, you can read more about it here (among other places of course).

So anyway, this exhibit runs from the end of April until the beginning of August, and I'm all: birthday adventure?

I think so.

So I'm in the process of propositioning potential p.i.c.'s (that's partners-in-crime, darlings) to accompany me on what promises to be the most amazing, epic, and art geek-filled trip to Berlin ever. Serious as a heart attack here, kids. If you come with, we'll totally even eat here afterwards.

Themed much?

You bet your bottoms.

I'm thinking just a nice little 48-hour adventure of the artsy persuasion, then my birthday month will be literally the best ever. No joke, I won't even need nor ask for presents this year. I'm fully intending to spread the word that if anyone was planning on sending me presents this year that they can be had in the form of donations to fund my little trip.

For real. This trip promises to be the highlight of 2010. Easily.

In other, non-Frida yet still quite excited-natured news: I ordered my new laptop. This morning. Even though I probably won't get it for weeks on end, since it won't be made, then shipped to my Mom's house for another week or two, then later shipped to me, taking another odd ten days...I'm stoked on that as well. How can you not be when your future computer is going to be so cute? That's right, you can't.

Plus, I may or may not have ordered a few (that's seven in my language) super cheap, used hardcover books that my dearest, darling, most favorite Auntie offered to forward to me. Books I'm pretty damn...dare I say excited, about reading/owning. Woo. And some Discovery channel DVDs.

That's what happens when you're denied personal funds for a few months, then they suddenly return, right? There has to be that little flux of fulfilling little wishes you've been holding onto for a while...ok, the laptop wasn't so little, but still, totally justified and something I was waiting for forever.

No guilt here, darlings. None at all. I've got it under control now. I'm not a spend-it-all type person, and I know I won't necessarily have more dough flowing in soon nor regularly, so I must keep everything left over from my little indulgences to last me a while. It can be done, trust me.

Important thing to take away from this post : Frida Kahlo, Berlin, this Spring. Be there.