Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So there I was, yesterday evening making dinner for the whole Weegie bunch just like any other weekday. One of the pots on the stove was and had been boiling for quite some time and it was time to be drained in the sink. I pick up the pot (with potholders since it had metal handles that were very hot) and as I'm turning, the lid wriggles free and I lose my grip through the cloth of the potholders and spill about half of the large pot of boiling water...

down the front of my body.

app. 30 hours later:

Sorry for the gratuitous photo, I tried to be as discreet as possible! Also the flash totally washed out the color in these babies as the burn on my belly is now turning a lovely shade of violet-ish deep red as well as a large portion of the burn on my leg as well...hooray for organic aloe vera on second degree burns!

This is the worst of it, there are little spots from splatter under where my hand is resting in this photo and on the top of my right foot as well.

All night last night I was so uncomfortable, and my skin was on fire. I couldn't get comfortable and ended up crying in frustration while trying to ward off numerous concerned Weegies that wanted to take me to the hospital.
Today, no pain really at all on the burns, but I did have to get in the shower this morning with my pajamas on because my skin wept all night and the fabric was stuck to me. Suck. Now they all feel irritated and my belly wept most of the afternoon as well so I had to walk around the house looking all hooched out with booty shorts and my shirt rolled up so I could air out my burns and not fuse to my clothes again. Not. Cool. (even if the house was empty, I'm not down.)

Anyway, the lesson here children is : don't cook for your family.


A few people I know expressed what appeared to be genuine concern for my well being when they heard so I just wanted to show proof that a.) I am indeed alive, breathing and walking all on my own. b.) I have what are pretty much second degree burns on my lower stomach and thigh. c.) I popped some Advil and dealt with it.
If that's not rock n' roll, I don't know what is. lol.

p.s. - the fact that my fingernails and the modesty-towel I'm using in the photo totally match, is coincidental I assure you...but neat, huh?