Monday, February 1, 2010

The Return

Yes, here I am folks remotely unscathed and now, the proud bearer of a newly submitted thesis proposal.


I really and truly was starting to resent my topic and the work I was doing in short, I was burnt.out.
Don't you just hate it when that happens?
I chose a topic I was excited about and interested in, and I'd like to keep it that way...but that's easier said than done when you write about twenty pages on that topic, and edit them pretty much every few hours in one weekend.

True story.

But now, at least it's turned in, no matter what the outcome is, I don't have to look at it nor write any more of it for a few weeks...and that, my friends is what will keep the remaining shreds of my sanity intact.
The key at this point is little to no contact with my proposal...and in the mean time, I'll just be praying (hard) that my first draft gets a good mark from our instructor and I can still slide out of that class with my "A" intact.

In non-thesis related news, I finally got my bank card and all it's nifty papers and gadgets in the mail. That's right, I'm an official bank account owner in Norway...unfortunately now I get to play the waiting and "where the hell is my money?!" game with the nice people at Postbanken until my refund check gets processed properly and shows up on my account. Since it was a foreign check, it was projected to take a week or so to process then be deposited into my account...but it's been well over that week, and dammit, I wants mah munny.

Because it's new computer time, as far as I'm concerned...and I'm literally so starved for my very own computer that I salivate at the thought of finally ordering it...even though I probably won't see it for close to a month after that happens...

Postbanken: Don't make me go all Veruca Salt on you. It will not be pretty.

...So today was Harald and I's one year anniversary of our marriage ceremony...not the wedding itself, since they were on two different dates according to our big, pretty, wedding dress ceremony, and the marriage process itself when included us and my family signing some documents...try to keep up here if you can, folks.
Anyway, it's been a year already, and in lots of ways (all good of course) I feel like we've been married forever, and then in some ways, that it was just last week when I had to start changing my name all over town...still, it's a happy occasion, even if we didn't do anything to celebrate it. We're saving that opportunity for the Wedding day anniversary in October, when I will hopefully be on a beach in Turkey sipping...whatever icy alcohol-laden drink Turkish people sip.

It was also my Mother-in-law's birthday today, so late last night, after she went to bed, I stayed up and baked a birthday cake. No pictures unfortunately, as it was promptly devoured by the family. But it was pretty yummy; strawberry cake with strawberry frosting, red hots spelling out her name on top, colored sugar sprinkles all over, and her personal fav: halved oreo double stuf cookies circling the base.
Cue the diabetic coma.

Now, my darlings, I leave you to do lovely, non-typing, non-thesis related make vegan grilled cheese, read some library books, and watch the snow fall outside...

p.s. - What do you think of the new layout? I tried to get the new banner photo centered and nice-looking...but failed yet again I'm afraid. Hey, at least I admit my lack of photo-editing, html-ing savvy-ness. It will have to do, I's not that bad, is it? At least I scored the super cute background for free at it out! (no, that was not a paid endorsement, lol.)