Monday, February 22, 2010

She-caw-go? See-at-el?

Yesterday we all went to Harald's Grandfather's 70th birthday party.

The entire family showed up, along with the Grandparent's buddies from their seniors dance class they mosey on over to every week. So. Cute.

Anyway, as my gift to Grandfather, I spent all day Saturday making trays of goodies for him and the party guests. I managed to concoct a double batch of milk chocolate fudge with non-stop candies (they're like M&M's, so it was dubbed "rainbow fudge"!), and a double batch of dark chocolate fudge with marshmallows, a gigantic tray of rice crispie treats (which are a HUGE novelty for the Weegies as they have never heard of such a treat!), plus about five dozen sugar cookies that were frosted and decorated by my SIL and her little friend that lives down the road.

They were a hit!

I was worried that everyone would take a look and decide that since that American girl made these weird-looking treats they would just pass. Well, they did give that "what the heck are these?" looks, and I had to name my goodies about thirty different times, but everyone tried them anyway!
I was thrilled.

Plus when I made it clear that I had made all the goodies as a present, thus would not be taking any back home with me, I got a huge bear hug from both grandparents and looks of shock.

I got to escort an adorable two-year old Weegie around the party, and was able to chat with the guests in Norwegian well as answering English-grammar related questions that some of Harald's family members were just dying to clear up, lol.

I am just so thankful that I was able to get by in Norwegian yesterday. I could barely sleep Saturday night because I was thinking about worse case scenarios; me forgetting every word I've ever learned, thus being rendered totally useless, or being ignored by everyone like I was at the first family gathering since I was language inept...that same party was the one that I ended up locking myself in the bathroom and crying because I felt like I was just intruding on family time for them and no one wanted me present...

No such thing anymore! On the short drive home, I literally thanked God for helping me converse and keep my Weegie knowledge flowing through my brain and out my mouth in a relatively smooth manner. I got hugs from my new family, the seniors that were lunching earlier than us were genuinely interested in where I was from in the states and all repeated the names of states a few times, trying to get them right, then finally all had lightbulb moments when Harald or I mentioned "Seattle" or "Chicago". Cute.

Harald and I also went and test-drove what we're planning on being our first car here in Norway. (Yes, I test drove too!) Now we're just trying to make the decision on whether to get a standard or an automatic transmission model, and little things like colors. Harald in planning on calling up our friendly little salesman to check out the difference in availability times for different colors and transmission types, and our loan agent as well to help this this ball a rollin'! I'll keep the car a little surprise and hopefully post a picture after we get our brand spanking new wheels.
Now I really have to get my butt in gear as far as contacting the Norwegian DMV department to see what I have to do to get a driver's license on this continent. Let's all pray is a relatively painless procedure that involved little to no testing. eep.
I promise I can drive! In fact, this summer will mark ten full years that I've been permitted/licensed, and all ten of those years have been accident/conflict-free! I just hope that the Weegies appreciate that and dole out my new license without further questions...

So now I'm on my winter break from Weegie classes. I have a few whole chapters I should plow through in these next weeks, along with ample paper-writing time for my graduate program and a handful of great books to read...and my Mom sent out my laptop today, finally! Now it will just be to count down the days until it really is mine!