Sunday, March 7, 2010

Back to school

Tomorrow I shall bravely venture out of the house to return to my Weegie classes for the first time in two weeks. I feel like my Norwegian skills will be severely deflated over the last couple week's worth of winter break, and I'm a little nervous about hopping back in the saddle with my classmates especially since in the last couple of weeks I haven't spoken a whole lot of Norwegian either, and desperately need to play some catch up in my workbooks.

I've had a hold up in the form of some major homework in my graduate program class, this class thankfully comes to a close in just over a week...unfortunately that means all of my work is due this week...and there is a whole freaking lot, I assure you. Oof.

I managed to scrape by doing minimal homework this last week because I was favoring relaxing, sitting back licking my wounds (literally!...well, not actually licking, more like washing and redressing with gauze.). That was my choice, and I'm dealing with it in the amount of work I'm going to be plowing through in the next few days to make sure everything is turned in on time and in decent shape.

Well here's to getting back to business, folks...right after I shower, then read a bit in the Ozzy Osbourne autobiography that my Mom sent me for Valentines day. I'm a pretty big Ozzy fan, and currently, both my Sister and I are reading his autobiography, and my Brother is (hopefully!) working on the Johnny Cash autobiography that I sent him for his birthday. It's going to be a very musically inclined literary venture for all three of us in the week(s) to come!

Read anything good lately, darling readers?