Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A day late...

Well folks, my new look for March might have been a day late, but if I do say so myself, it's the best yet! Do you all like it?
(Pastor Joel: check me out, making the header the right size all on my own! Proud?)

So yesterday I finally got my iphone. Of course, I spent the entire evening customizing, finding neat apps and just playing around with my fancy new gadget. It might not seem like much, and I know that pretty much everyone has one by now, but I had been lusting after one of these babies since they were first released years ago, now I finally have one! I know it isn't a dire need in my life, but it's still exciting nonetheless. Now I'm just waiting on those neat little covers I ordered to come in to so the Hubs and I both can have different colors as well...I had to laugh because at one point last night, before we went to sleep we were both sitting up in bed with a laptop on each of our laps and an iphone in each of our hands.
We were very hipster at that moment. A couple of the 21st century indeed, I guess, for better or worse.

As a little update, mostly for the sake of my family members that read this blog and have had my injuries in their prayers as of late: I'm doing great! The past couple days I've gotten lots of sleep been eating well and cleaning and redressing my burns every day. They are no longer painful at all, and really do look like they are healing. I expect by the weekend, I won't need the sterile gauze dressing any more, and I can let them breathe under my clothes. So no more worrying, everyone, please!

I finally put up my big old official resume on the school district website this weekend, with the help of my Husband. I'm excited and trying not to be too pessimistic about the situation in general, as I know I don't necessarily have the official blessing (if you will) from the education department of Norway to be a teacher here, even if I'm almost finished with a Masters degree in Education and am more than capable of teaching. It's getting my foot in the door at very least anyway, right? I'll be super happy even if I can score a little substitute gig for the 2010-2011 academic year for English classes around the area! I just hope that something comes around...my native language definitely gives me a one up on the competition, so I hope that counts for something!

Other than that, I'm just off to get some homework done, both of the Weegie and graduate program sort. My Norwegian classes don't start back up until Monday, but I want be all caught up and through another chapter or two by then...I'm just hoping too that I will be able to don something other than loose sweatpants by that Monday so I can actually go to class! Even if it means walking that mile while freezing my buns off wearing leggings and a dress like the other Weegie ladies, I'll do it! Wearing pajama pants/sweatpants out of the house pretty much goes against everything I stand for. It's nothing personal towards those that partake in this fashion statement themselves, it's just always been something that myself, my Mom and Sister have NEVER done and are very against personally...we at least throw on some jeans before we leave our homes. And if my burns are still too tender to do so, it will be leggings for me on Monday morning!

I don't know if March comes in or out like lions and lambs here in Norway, but if I could pick, I think I would just take the lion first and get it over with...we're all so sick of snow! It is supposed to snow at some point today, and possible Thursday or Friday as well. Ugh. I'm ready for the lambs, most definitely, it's March already, and we still have a good two feet of snow piled up and looking grimy all over the place! At this rate, I feel like I'll never see green grass again! I'm not much of a sunshine person generally speaking (if you saw my Casper-rivaling complexion you would be able to tell yourself) but I think at this point it's really just the lack of green and growing things that gets me down...aside from the evergreen trees, we haven't seen actual thriving growth since December!
In the Midwest, where I grew up as a little girl, when winters dragged on like this with tons of snow, it always meant an "Indian summer" would follow. (Please no one take offense by that term, there is none meant, and I didn't make it up myself!) I don't know if that kind of mentality and pattern exists here...but after all this cold, we better have a nice, long, warm summer this year!

Off to homework...and maybe a little iphone and pink laptop playing as well of course.