Friday, March 12, 2010

Like a lamb to the dentist

So today I had something that I hadn't in almost three years.

A dentist appointment.

Now, keeping mind my past history of dental and orthodontist work I was none too eager about this afternoon. Like many adolescents I had braces. For two years, until I was 14 I had braces, with all the fixings before and after: spacers, the braces, a temporary retainer and a permanent lower retainer I still have cemented to my teeth. Not to assume the role of martyr here, but I also seemed to always been the one in my family with scores of cavities and other dental issues. I guess it's hereditary, being susceptible to cavaties and such, and my Mother tends to have issues with her teeth as well...apparently, though I wouldn't have a way of knowing for sure, my biological Father must not, because growing up, my Brother and Sister never had many cavities growing up, and to this day, it's seldom that they have tooth-related problems. My little Brother had braces too, but his teeth weren't nearly as crooked initially as mine either.
I remember when I was younger, all three of us had a dentist's appointment. I was probably about ten, and my siblings about 5-6 years old respectively. I used to almost obsessively clean my teeth, twice a day (and still do really!) and my siblings were at that magical age where running the bristles of your toothbrush under the faucet for a few seconds then putting it back and claiming you brushed, cause look, see the brush is wet was all they were doing. Literally every day. At the dentist's, I distinctly remember crying, saying:
"But they don't even brush their teeth!"
when the verdict came that my Brother and Sister had no cavaties and lovely looking teeth whereas I had about four different cavities that needed immediate attention.

Thus the brief version of my sordid and often unfortunate dental history...not including the fact that I have three crowns and I'm not even 25. Um, yes.

Needless to say, I was a little concerned today while I was waiting for the Weegie dentist to come in and see me. I was convinced that I had at least a few cavities based solely on how long I had avoided the dentist in the past few years. (Oh the joys of no dental insurance.)

After taking the usual X-rays of my mouth, the dentist came in right away. (Which was neat, since in the U.S. you tend to see the dentist him or herself only for a few expensive seconds before having all other work done by hygienists and assistants.) I must have been in that chair for maybe fifteen minutes total.

Shortest dentist visit ever.

The dentist looked over my X-rays, then cleaned my teeth very thoroughly before declaring:
"You have beautiful teeth!"
I was stunned. "What? Not cavities? At all?!"
"No. None at all. Keep doing what you're doing to clean them, and we'll see you again in the next year, ok? Really, lovely teeth. Nothing to worry about. Have a wonderful day!" Then he flashed an impressive grin and left me, stunned in the chair, ready to go back to the receptionist for my bill.

That visit, has literally made my day. I still totally cannot believe I didn't have any issues whatsoever...and can't help being proud of having my teeth dubbed "beautiful". Wowza.

Let's just hope that future dentist visits here in Norway go just as well!

Other than tooth-related news, on the way home, I stopped at the Asian market downtown and got some red and green curry, a few cans of coconut milk, and rice noodles for future dinners for yours truly, vegan extraordinaire...who makes dinner for carnivores on a daily basis. Hey, a girl's gotta eat!