Thursday, March 25, 2010

A real update...about eggs.

The other day, a package came to our house. Addressed to my Husband and I. At least that was what the pickup slip that appeared in our mailbox said. The post office had not filled in the sender info, and to my knowledge, none of my family members had sent me anything as of late.

When my darling Husband came back from getting the package at our local post branch, I saw that it was sent from my old hometown in Illinois, from my Grandparents. Now a package arriving from the Quad Cities, a mere couple weeks from Easter, I instantly screamed with delight, because it could only be one thing...

Anyone know what that is? Here's a hint:

The Scottie paws in the frame, are not in fact part of the clue, btw...No? Here's the giveaway:

Unfortunately, most of you don't know the name Lagomarcino's. You don't know what you're missing, readers. Lagomarcino is a family owned candy shop and chocolatier that's been around the area since 1908. (They even have a website now, where you just might be able to have some goodies delivered to you!) Around Easter, pretty much every child in the Quad City area gets really revved up about getting what is affectionately known as a "Lago egg".  They come in different sizes (this year, we got one just a bit smaller than an American football!) and they are a hollow chocolate shell filled with little chocolate rabbits, chicks and other eggs, in addition to other candies and things...all made right at Lagomarcino's of course.

Easter just would not be Easter without a Lago egg, as far as I'm concerned. And honestly, I wasn't quite sure if I would be getting an egg this year, being all the way over here in Norway for the holiday. Since my family moved from Illinois to Washington state, almost ten years ago, my Grandparents have been amazingly generous enough to send a Lago egg for everyone by mail, without fail, every Easter.

And they wrapped that delicious creation in bubble wrap, picked out a great card and shipped one all the way to me in Norway this year so I could have a proper Easter, including the one constant in my life that makes the holiday for me without fail...

Thank you so much, Grandpa Herb and Grandma Jean. You made my Spring. I love you guys.

Like I've said before, it's really all about the little things when you're so far away from your family. I know the Lago egg isn't what makes Easter special, and it would still come and go because of God's amazing gift to us in the form of his greatest sacrifice, his Son...but that doesn't mean a Lago egg sent from family isn't special or important...even if it is just candy.

Because really, there is no such thing as just candy, now is there?