Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thrifting, New Cars and Land

So today, as planned the Husband and I headed into town to run a few errands and have our date day if the week.
Highlights of today include but are not limited to:
- heading to the library
- picking up a hot spiced cider at my favorite coffee shop
- finding two great deals at the Salvation Army, a really pretty floral dress and small agate mortar and pestle, both for barely 100kroner!

Not the best photo I know, but you get the idea.
- RESERVING OUR CAR. Yes, that's right Harald and I headed down to the dealership, went on another test drive and then sat down to fill out the paper work with the salesman, now it's just to wait for our actual car to come in (fresh off the boat even!) and our loan paperwork and we will be officially rolling around Norway in our very own car. Exciting news, right?! For all you curious about what we finally chose: we will be getting a 2010 Hyundai i20 in the next couple weeks. It's black, with cloth upholstered seats, and an automatic so I will absolutely comfortable driving around this joint in my cute new whip. yow.
- Harald and I also drove out to a more rural area and looked at potential properties we could build a house on...I fell in love. Of course, more updates on that as they occur, but with the car thing sorted out, I can't help but be super optimistic and hopeful about what's to come as far as our housing options...for all of you unfortunate souls that have not had the pleasure of visiting my new home country, the areas we were looking at specifically, that are near water (both fjords and fresh water lakes/ponds/rivers) remind me very much of a even cross between Western Washington and Alaska. Not quite one, not quite the other, but with strong traits of both...with some South Dakota-esque almost mountains/glorified hills around our area too. LOVELY. I cannot wait to post photos of our future home-site once we have one!

What is almost as great as all these Saturday happenings? The fact that as you might have seen as per my last post, we finally got our moving shipment. It was awesome and odd at the same time, being reunited with things I almost had forgotten we owned...among those things, and great for me and my new pantsless revolution? The fact that I for whatever reason ended up packing all except for maybe a handful of my dresses and skirts away instead of putting them in my suitcases. Chalk it up to a momentary lack of judgement in my part. Now the fact that I only found one dress while thrifting today can still be ok, and I have a fair amount of options at hand.
The pantsless revolution is fully on, folks. I encourage all you ladies to join of course, but it's ok no pressure. lol. And just for clarification for some of you, my pantsless plan includes and entails that I DO NOT wear pants at all out of the house. Essentially, I will be only wearing them around the house because the only pants I'm not packing away as per this new change in my life are pajama/sweatpants that I tend to wear when doing chores and being lazy around home. Aka, while not wearing dresses/skirts and and doing other non-home based activities. So yes, that doesn't mean just no jeans, it means no khakis nor cords either...which actually, I don't either of anyway, since I prefer dark colors/washes in the first place, lol. So yes, the review: no pants, at all unless they're pajama related thus only seen by the Hubs and other family members in the safely of my own home...accompanied by slippers or bare feet.
It's on.
And I'm loving it thus just to wait for the time that leggings/tights can be less necessary weather-wise. Exciting times.

That's all for now, as typing on my iPhone for this long is not super easy for me just yet. Eep.

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