Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Who wears the pants here?

So I've been mulling something over, dear readers, and come to a resolution of sorts, a decision most definitely.

At this stage in my life, I'm totally over wearing pants.

I'm not proposing or thinking of going bottomless totally, obviously (sorry if that disappointed!), just proposing doing away with the whole jeans issue. Since my burning-myself incident, they are beyond uncomfortable to wear, in more ways than just causing pain and discomfort on my injuries...I ended up going for literally over a month without wearing them. Jeans that is. Just this week I put them on for the first time, and wore a pair that had been among my favorites on two different occasions for a few hours...

It was like torture. Bizarre and unanticipated torture.

When you go from wearing nothing but lovely loose-fitting PJ pants or skirts/dresses and leggings for over a month, then transition to denim, it just feels totally wrong. And even before I put back on those damn pants, I had been mulling it over in my head on what it would be like to just abandon pants (not counting sweats, which I never leave the house in, nor sleep in, just lounge around in my down time, mind you) completely. Or at least try to.

After thinking about it for a few days, then wearing the jeans again as a trial before leaping back into my dress this morning with both feet, I've decided it will be the way to go for me.

So this weekend, I've amended to head to the local thrift store and try to scoop up some more skirts and dresses to help expand my non-denim wardrobe to a level that makes the daily transition more palpable and reasonable. I'm heading to the thrift store first, because I'm personally a firm believer in reusing before buying, and in the States anyway, I've found great items (both wearable and non) at thrift stores that were far from their breaking point and a great price to boot. I've checked out H&M lately too so I do have some backups in the event that my first thrifting adventure here in Norway should prove totally unfruitful.
My definition of an unfruitful skirt/dress hunt at the thrift store will be if there is nothing of acceptable color range nor length in my size. I don't think of myself as a super picky person as far as clothing goes, but there are a couple of things that I do get adament about...

1.) Monochromatic colors. It drives my Mother insane (and the Hubs isn't a huge fan either, electing to pull shocking yellows or pinks out whenever possible for shopping suggestions) but for the past few years, with very rare exception I've managed to accumulate a wardrobe of almost entirely black, shades of gray, and white. I like it because the colors make me feel comfortable, they are always easy to match and throw together great ensembles, and most of all, I don't feel like I'm drawing attention to myself. Take that reason for what it is, but I've never been one that fancies people looking at me, strangers I mean. Now that I'm married, I definitely don't try for that, and figure, the only man that I want looking at me and my body (including obviously what I have on it) is my Husband, so bright colors just aren't needed. Aside from pajama shirts that were Harald's and literally two sweaters (one yellow, one pale pink) and maybe a few beige/oatmeal or brown pieces, my clothing is entirely monochromatic. No joke, not exaggerating.

2.) Modesty. This is also a development of mine in the making of only the past few years. Now, at one point a was more of a "let's throw an underwear party!" type girl (yes it happened. and yes, it was admittedly awesome, though I would never do it again.) than a "that's too much skin showing" type girl. My Husband is not the type to ever force wardrobe changes or decisions on me, so the fact that this might just be reinforced by being married now, as my first issue does, is purely coincidental, I assure you. But again, I don't need strangers, especially random men seeing all I have to offer...I'm spoken for! Plus I think it's much classier and sexier to NOT see a girl in her birthday suit the first time you meet her. So for me, I cover up. Generally speaking it means nothing too low cut, short, or sleeve/backless.

Anyway, these clothing related-standards means absolutely no mini-skirts or dresses that are low-cut, backless, spaghetti-strapped (unless shirts can easily be worn under them) or too tight. As far as length, anything knee-ish or lower is what I'm aiming for. Modestly issue aside, I just don't care for my legs, and unless they are in high heels, they aren't too stunning anyway! I'm very self-conscious of them; being a very petite person, I find that unless you have toothpicks to walk around on, they will just look chubby and short unless you're balancing on giant heels...and God gave me a booty to carry around with my from day one, so toothpick thighs/legs I definitely have not.

So the goal in short: find more grey/black/white skirts and dresses that are modest in order to ditch my denim.

I'm thinking of it as a sort of challenge at this point. One that I'm really dying to accomplish. I've already got a shameful amount of leggings and tights to help get my through the remaining months of cold temperatures without pants, so all my wardrobe is lacking at this point in more outfit options.

What say you, darling readers? Interesting goal/challenge/life change, or am I just plain bonkers? Could you ever give up on your blue jeans, ladies? For a week? A month? Indefinitely?