Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Is everyone awake and working yet?

I hope everyone's Easter and or Passover was lovely and filled with family and great food.

Thanks for all the support too regarding my last entry, I feel fine and everything, just want to reiterate that, not super depressed or anything. Just a bit lonely at times, but I'll work on it...
I did find however from some super lame internet research (have you ever Google-d 'how to make friends in Scandinavia'? Nope, me neither, I've never done that either.) that I'm not the only expat with this issue, and that though they don't seem to be especially evil or cold-hearted, friendly outgoing-ness is just not a strong point for those Weegies. And coming from the Midwest of the U.S., that is just not something that I'm used to...and I can't help but think it's just me that they have an issue with and I'm the weird one.
I can't help it if I come from a culture that hugs everyone when you meet them, and say good-bye to them, that kids still kiss their Mom's goodnight even when they're adults, and siblings still wrestle around (thus driving their parents crazy) when they're adults...at least in my family they do! And I know that in the Midwest, my family aren't the only ones that are close and love each other openly instead of just as an understanding that is never voiced or shown like the Scandinavians.
I don't know, I'm trying and will keep trying...there has to be a quirky, weird, smart girl out there somewhere in Western Norway that wants to hang out with me!

In non-friendless news: We still don't have our car we ordered weeks ago. One of the only negatives about holidays and all the time off that Norwegians take off for them, is that NOTHING gets done during said holidays, and it's totally o.k. and acceptable. As in, after those first ten days or so in December, don't expect anything to get done for the rest of the month. Or, as in last week, during Holy Week, also don't expect much...
Two weeks ago (that would be the week before Holy Week) the car dealership called us to tell us that our car, which was coming all the way brand-new from Korea by freighter, was now in Sweden. Harald and I were both stoked, thinking "we'll have our new car soon!", then the dealer informed us not to get our hopes up to have it before Easter because Sweden would slow things down for Holy Week too, and hopefully the week after (which would be now) we would have our new shiny toy.
Well Harald called this morning to see if the Scandinavians were waking up and starting to work again after Easter, thus if our car was actually on route to Norway yet...

"No sir, sorry. The status of your vehicle is still in Sweden. It should be here within a week though."

Ugh. I feel like we could have driven it over the frozen tundra from Korea to Norway ourselves by now. So as we keep telling our family members: No really, we do have a car, it's been paid for and everything...we just don't actually have it yet...so can we borrow yours today, please?

Also, over Holy Week we drove by a house that was newly listed on the market, just a mile or so from our church in a sleepy residential area on a cul-de-sac. Now as most of you have heard by now, I need room, a yard for my dogs, and not to be able to see into my neighbors houses from my own (and vice versa, obviously!), but this house was just super cute, great front yard, and a fenced in dog run on the side of the house already done! Granted we haven't seen the inside yet or anything, and that could totally be a bust for all I know, but we were both quite taken with the exterior and we're excited to see the inside...or were, until Harald called the realtors this morning to see if we could schedule a showing and they informed us that there had been a misprint in the add that the house ran in, so the price was actually about 600,000 kroners higher than we thought. Ouch. And the first open house (since it's a new listing) isn't for another two weeks. And when you're living with your inlaws, folks, two weeks is a long time for nothing to be happening in the housing front.
Not to totally write off the cute finished house with the nice yard, but we also have a meeting scheduled with a housing company to talk about figures and possibilities for the plots of land we have also been looking at that are literally just down the street from where Harald works. My Husband has always had this dream of having a house built just for him, so of course is pulling for that direction...I'm not opposed to building a new house per say, more that I just want us to get our first home situated asap so we can start living in it, actually unpacking our things, and being grownups that don't live with our parents. most of all.

God has a plan for us, and everything, I know that...I just wish I was clued into it so I didn't have to feel so impatient and anxious about getting out there and settling! I just feel like I've been in limbo, like sitting in a waiting room since December, waiting to be called in to actually start our lives as a grown up married couple on their own. It's blatantly exhausting at times. And not that I need stuff, but I can't help but want to have and be using my own dishes again, have access to my entire wardrobe, and have room for it all to be out at once, have all my books out on shelves instead of stacked in boxes...all that! I'll be 25 years old next month, and I'm living at my in-law's house, jobless, thousands of miles from my family and home country, and technically homeless with my Husband...

Not exactly how I pictured the beginning of my marriage to be situated. Even though we didn't have a house when we lived in Tacoma together, at least we had our own apartment with our own things everywhere, and our own car, and it was just us together. It wasn't until we lost all that, that I realized how much we were taking it for granted. I just might weep with joy when I'm finally standing in my very own house with my Husband. Even with boxes everywhere, it will be so amazing, I can't even imagine it at this point.

Please come soon friends, new car, and first house, we're waiting for you!