Sunday, April 11, 2010

A new rack.

How do they look? Natural?
I wish I could make a headband and wear them around. So cool.

Harald's Uncle, who is clearly the coolest family member he has, showed us his beautiful farm house today (JEALOUSY is my deadly sin, clearly.) and when I showed an interest in his taxidermied critters and bones, brought down a rack of antlers from a deer he hunted last year right around where Harald works, and he gave them to me!
That just made my day. My week even. Neatest present I've gotten in a very long time. They're all mine, now I just need a house to put them in...speaking of, we have two showings to go to tomorrow an Tuesday respectively for some really neat houses that I'm really excited to see both...I'll post photos and you all can tell me what you think...

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