Thursday, April 15, 2010

The new whip

Here's our new baby, picked up from the dealership just this afternoon!
It's a 2010, Hyundai i20, fresh off the boat from Korea and my Husband was just green with envy that I got to drive it home from the dealership, then again to run to the store just now while he is playing a football game. I also had to remind him last night, that while his enthusiasm was adorable and founded, a car dealership would not be open at six a.m. so no, we could not go pick it up on his way to work, and would instead have to wait under after he got off today...
I drove it back from the dealership because his parent's van that we had to drive into town (and that he often has been driving to work) is a standard transmission and a sticky one at that so not something that I'm willing to drive around in myself, whereas our shiny new car is an automatic, thus very me-friendly.

It's comfy, brand new, and handles like a dream...and the best part? IT'S ALL OURS. No more borrowing and depending on Harald's parent's and grandparent's cars and their availability and kindness in loaning them to us. One more thing to cross off my list, a little weight off of my shoulders even, we're that much more settled and grown up in this country.

To follow? Adventures in obtaining a Norwegian driver's license. Stay tuned.

Random side note? I want these glasses. Chanel. Yummy. (You do NOT want to know the price.)

That would be my sister in law with the fabulous stunnas I picked out for her in the background, and my mother in law laughing at us. And my facial expression? That would be because I'm not that cute really, and didn't want to push my luck with that lovely flourescent shop lighting. Yuck.

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