Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2 eller 3 måneder, desverre...

I'm glad I wasn't the only one feeling a lazy Monday yesterday!

Unfortunately my Tuesday didn't feel a whole lot better than its' predecessor. I couldn't sleep at all last night, until about 6:00 a.m., which is conveniently when my Husband wakes up for work, and about 90 minutes before my own alarm goes off to get me up for class...needless to say, I did not attend class today.
Yes, I feel guilty, but I will definitely be able to get up for my class session tomorrow, as it's a late start for me every Wednesday, and I'll just make myself get up no matter how tired I am. At least I've been plugging away at homework since I got up today, along with managing to make a few calls and a tasty Tandoori chicken for dinner for the Hubs(and spinach chickpea and lentil curry for myself)...

Anyway, I've got oodles of homework due before next Monday: we're talking a sizable paper, a section of a group project that is at least five hours in the making, in addition to my usual daily work due all week.

Don't they know it's independence day here in Norway on Monday?

Well no one here sure forgot. Every store put out sale fliers filled with deals on hot dogs for grilling, party food, and all the red, white and blue Weegie flag-patterend paper plates and napkins you could dream of. It will be my first national day in Norway, and I'm excited to see how the Weegies party it up on their special day in person. We might even venture into Haugesund for one of the parades, just for me to witness all the bunads and drunk teenagers celebrating in all their glory. Don't worry, I'll be sure to take photos when I can...

Also on the festivities calendar, my mother-in-law planned a family shindig for her side of the relatives that didn't make it to the States for our wedding last October...that would be literally all of them, except Harald's immediate family, by the way that didn't make it. So a whopping twenty Weegie family members will be here in our humble abode all Saturday afternoon to eat, drink and be as merry as they allow themselves to be. I was asked to make my spectacular vegan chili and sweet cornbread to help fill up the table...Harald's immediate family loves when I make those dishes for dinner(after a period of coercing of course), but we'll just have to see if I can induct the rest of the Weegies into loving a little Southern cooking...I think I might also make a cake or two, if I have enough time between Weegie class, graduate program assignments, and my usual household duties like making dinner every night for the Hubs...
Pictures will most definitely follow Saturday's post-wedding shindig.

Finally, I got notification in the mail that my application was received and is good to go at our local DMV to switch my license into a Weegie one. So I called up the one and only driving school in the area that has an automatic for use in the testing process to schedule a time that I could get my drive at the DMV done...only to find that since they are the only school with an automatic available in our area, and they only have one automatic to boot, there would be a waiting period of at least 2-3 months until I could get my drive on.(You would think, if they always have such a lengthy waiting list, they might catch on and get a second automatic to use, but whatever, maybe that's just my whacked logic) If you're confused about all this business, and why I need to use a driving school's car to take my test in order to get my Weegie license, check out this lengthy post I made for more details on the process of signing away your first born in order to get a  getting a Norwegian driver's license.
The lady I spoke to seemed to think I wouldn't need to take hours and hours of driving at the school if I had the proper documentation that I only needed to take the actual driving test at the DMV for an international license exchange, took down my name and phone number and promised to call as soon as she could find a slot for me to borrow their testing car.

Let's just pray for the best on that waiting period, shall we?

Anyway, sorry if there aren't a plethora of updates this week, darling readers, my dance card is just a little full for that...come back around soon though for some photos of my upcoming festivities that I'll put up just as soon as I can.