Thursday, May 20, 2010

But there's nothing in there!

Do any of you have spouses, partners or even best friends that have a style totally opposite your own?

Well that's just what the scenario around my neck of the woods is like. I love my Husband more than I could say, and I'm SO excited and anxious to own our first home together to make all our own here in Norway.
See, the only thing is that whenever the topic of design, or room layouts come into conversation, it becomes incredibly obvious that while Harald is sort of a typical Weegie that enjoys minimalism, little to no color and clutter (ala - Scandinavian modern design concepts), I'm approaching on the opposite end of the matter. Observe the room my Husband found online and lusted after:

Um, yeah.

I'm not saying it's wrong or anything. I realize that lots of people are really into this kind of look. But um, me? Yeah, I just have to wonder about the appeal:


Much like my Mom and Auntie, I favor the lived in, organized clutter, lived-in, not a museum, sort of look:

So we're hoping to talk with a certain housing rep. that we have met with once before to talk over housing sites we've seen that could be very real options for us. I know I've said it once...probably more than once actually, but I am SO READY to get that train a movin'.

Even if it means a battle royale to follow over which direction we decide to go in once decorations, furniture and layouts start to become relevant.

After all, a house of our own that's ground zero for decorating wars, is still better than no house at all.