Sunday, May 2, 2010

The fourth times a charm?

Today the Hubs and I drove out the 90-minute trek inland to his Father's side of the family's hometown. We attended Harald's little cousin's confirmation service at the lovely church, then went to the catered family dinner after wards. It was nice to see everyone again, and even though I wasn't feeling so hot earlier today, I'm glad we went, his cousin was really excited to see that we made it, and the town and the ride up really are both totally beautiful and feel very relaxing...

As for this week, nothing too exciting is foreseeable in our neck of the woods, except we're going to our fourth open house, one county away, close to where Harald works. From the photos online, it looks nice, roomy, has a beautiful view of the fjord, and isn't pricey at all. Let's just hope the photos don't lie (as they've done in the past), and it will be an experience worth going to. I'm still totally disappointed that we couldn't make the financing for the third house we saw work...just like I was warned not to do, I had gotten my hopes up so high for it, and picked out paint colors and everything.
Tomorrow, I shall attempt to restrain myself initially if the house is what I have in mind, until we get better results from a lender about financing our mortgage. Not that I'm damning the idea of building our own home completely, I just really want something to pan out for us, and sooner rather than I'm the one that is always pulling for an older, preexisting house.

Two days of class this week, then next week I'm moving up the the highest level in the school so I'm more challenged. eep.

Finally, for my shortest update in history I'd like to ask you all to send great thoughts, prayers, and feelings for my relative undergoing surgery on Tuesday morning.

Personally, I hope to have an amazingly positive update to provide you all with tales of successful operations, and beautiful, affordable houses...also, I realize it's not actually April anymore...I'll work on that.