Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lørdag i Djupadalen

A few pictures from our family outing today to Djupadalen, a really pretty lake/park outside of town. It was one of the prettiest days we've had all year...

my sister-in-law and one of the park's trolls

 Can you find the hidden Scottie frolicking in the creek?

 There were happy, smiling Poms in the park...that were sporting new Spring do's!

I met an awesome lady in the park with three little ones that wanted to pet our dogs, and we started talking, she went to the same college as Harald and I! It's a small world, people. Events like that only confirm that fact. This lady was really sweet, and her three little ones spoke fluent English and Norwegian, so were chatting it up with me happily, her Husband was American too so we had a lot in common... I wish I would have asked for her email address or something...I feel like I already stick out like a sore thumb here in Norway though, and she would have thought I was a weird stalker or something if I told her I wanted to hang out with her more. lol.
In the States, I would totally talk to and have the confidence to make dates with strangers that I thought were cool, here in Norway though, I feel like that goes against the natural order and I'm a loser all of a sudden who is shy about that. I need to grow a pair, I know.

I have a paper due on Monday that I should be working on, but after walking a couple miles in the park, I'm zonked. I should be ashamed to post that as it reveals how out of shape I am, but it is the truth after all, maybe after my school craziness winds down a little I'll try and not be so fat...who am I kidding, once school craziness is waned, something else will just replace it, thus is life. Oh well.

Hey don't forget your mommies, all you readers in the States, tomorrow is Mother's Day in the U.S! I hope the package of goodies I sent mine gets there today so she'll have it in time!

Did anyone else have a nice Saturday today?