Saturday, May 15, 2010

Party party party.

I made my spectacular vegan chili and some cornbread to add to the spread, which was ample enough to begin with! I wasn't actually expecting more than a couple of people to try it as Weegies are by nature not quick to try new things...especially new things that could be spicy. However, literally everyone ended up trying some, and compliments abounded! It was truly shocking!
The cakes were especially amazing, with fresh berries on top, a few chocolate ones, and my personal favorite the kransekake.

Harald's aunt, who is only maybe ten years older than us, and a pretty cool lady as well gave us our belated wedding gift today too, as the reason for this shindig was to celebrate our wedding overseas for everyone who didn't make it in person:

Isn't that lovely? It's a signed, numbered print she found at a local gallery. Just a sketch, but the photo doesn't do it much justice. It and the frame she had it mounted in are both a beautiful sepia tone. I adore it, can't wait to have a home to hang it in. For now it's on our bedroom wall.

A pretty nice day. Great food, family, friendly Wii competitions with some seven-year olds, and a lovely piece of art to top it all off...unfortunately, my day also has a few more hours to go, most of which include cranking out a paper that's due on Monday. Ugh.

Happy Saturday!

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