Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Quarter of a Century : Really Makes a Girl Think...

Here it is folks, my acclaimed 25th birthday post!

(me, almost 25 years ago...)

(my second birthday party. Check out my foxy Mom in the corner! Yes, I had a Pound Puppies party. Jealous?)

(God only knows what I was eating, but it looks like it was pretty good.)

In honor of my birthday, I've written up 25 facts about yours truly to share:

1. I was born in Chicago, Illinois, but I consider my hometowns to be Rock Island, Illinois where I lived for most of my childhood, and Scottsbluff, Nebraska my family's hometown.
2. I was almost five years old when my little sister was born, my Mom let me pick her middle name and I chose Michelle because my favorite show at the time was Full House, and I was four. I claim four.
3. I cut my fingernails short enough to where they almost hurt. Once they are long enough to get crud underneath them, or I can feel them when I push my fingers into my palm, it's time for a trim.
4. My Mom taught me to read when I was two years old, and have been a notorious bookworm ever since.
5. I've dreamed about being Dr. Kirstin since I was a little girl. I decided mid-college not to finish a pre-med track. Now, becoming a literature professor is my ultimate career goal.
6. Though I try to branch out on occasions, approximately 95% of my wardrobe is either black, white or a shade of gray.
7. I've been a vegetarian for twelve years as of today. I've been vegan or almost for approximately 3-4 years. I'm incredibly lactose intolerant, but I avoid animal byproducts and meat because of ethical reasons. Though I do eat an egg or the occasional shrimp/fish a few times every year when I have a craving, I enjoy living a vegan lifestyle and am confident it is a permanent life choice for me.
8. I like to clean. If I go to a friend or even a stranger's house and there is a mess, I will start cleaning without realizing it. Messes make me anxious.
9. I love reading about and looking at haute couture and expensive designer clothes/accessories, but even if I had millions in the bank, I don't think I could ever buy anything I like and see because I would feel so guilty to spend so much on so little.
10. I don't drink coffee, even though I was a barista for years. I love making it, but not drinking it. My preferred drink is a soy chai latte. yum.
11. At different points in my life I've been on teams for on involved in the following sports: volleyball, basketball, English horseback riding/jumping, running, swimming, and cheerleading.
12. I have a paranoia that even I realize is ridiculous about getting pink-eye. I always thoroughly wash, then disinfect with alcohol before applying or removing my contact lenses.
13. I have seven tattoos, including my back piece which extends from the top of my bum up to my shoulder blades. Even though most of my family doesn't like them or approve (aside from my siblings, which are both inked as well), my tattoos make me feel beautiful, which is something I've struggled with throughout my adult life, and I love having them! I have lots of plans for more!
14. In the past few years I've removed all my body piercings except for the three in each of my earlobes. I just felt like the time had come, and I was over them. But I used to have my ears at a size 0g, and I really miss them!
15. My Husband and I own over 2,000 films and television series on DVD, and we LOVE going to the cinemas together.
16. I own approximately 500 books, and they are my most precious possession. It was incredibly hard to get rid of the 40-50 books I did donate before we made our international move and I will never do it again!
17. The only bone I've ever broken was my collar bone, during a car accident when I was 13 years old.
18. When I was in junior high, I only ate with chopsticks, for an entire calendar year, just to prove I could.
19. I love animals. No matter how scaly, slimy or scary. I love them. Always have.
20. I haven't worn pants, aside from my pajamas since mid-March this year. I love my skirts and dresses!
21. I admire people and cultures that live simple lives; like nuns, monks and the Amish. I fantasize about living in the country farming organically, and not relying on stores and "city life" to provide for my family.
22. I've had chronic night terrors since I was a baby. I remember them almost every time, have nightmares anywhere from 2-7 nights a week, and have a history of sleep walking and insomnia.
23. I don't know how to ride a bicycle.
24. I love candy, but I don't really care for chocolate. And I never eat candies flavored like orange, grape or watermelon.
25. I'm only really scared of one thing. Clowns. I am terrified of clowns. The sight of a curly rainbow wig, or a red nose literally makes me want to cry...typing those things out, kind of made me nauseous actually.

Today, instead of class, my classmates and I went to my teacher's house and had lunch together. It was a great spread (pink cupcakes included), and they had all chipped in a couple kroner and got me a lovely orchid for my birthday, and sang to me too! My teacher is a super awesome lady that's traveled all over the world, her house was INCREDIBLE.

you can just barely make out the most amazing jam ever, it's from Syria and made from figs with walnuts in it too. Vegan, and delicious. I'm heading down to the Middle Eastern grocery store in town for some to eat on my kneckerbrĂžd a.s.a.p.!

Still interested to see what my birthday surprise was, by the way?



An Amazon Kindle!

I cannot even believe my parents sprung for one of these for my 25th birthday! I'll never give up good old fashioned traditional books, but this baby is SO NEAT! I've already downloaded 17 books onto it, LOVE using it. And that super cute case I teased you all with as a hint yesterday, was made by the lovely Amber over on (if you don't know what that is, just go already. you're missing out.). Her shop name is "beesocks" if you're in the market for an adorable gadget cover too! I can't wait until it comes!

Thanks again so much, Mom and Dad, this was the BEST present ever!

The Hubs has gone as far as to spring for a relaxation day for yours truly as a birthday gift. That's right, peeps: Spa, here I come! Maybe I'll take him up on his present this weekend after cranking out some serious homework. Hmmm...
And I received some cute outfits from my family members too, along with a great framed photo that was taken at my wedding back in October that is of three generations of sisters in my family; my sister Alex and I, my Mom and her sister Krista (who is toats the BEST lady ever!), and my sweet Grammy and her sister Lori. It's sitting on the dresser in our room, and it was just as good a present as anything else I got this year too.

Now it's time to finish up a load of birthday-laundry, finish writing a birthday-essay, then make some birthday-"enchiladas" (quotations are needed because they don't actually include enchilada sauce as the Weegies haven't discovered that yet...I supplement taco sauce, salsa and some homemade goodness, they're usually pretty tasty!) for Harald and I before calling it a night.

The first day of 25 anyway, has been a great one.

p.s. - if any one of you actually got the incredibly geeky and subtle movie reference that is the title of this post: YOU RULE.