Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Saturday in Photos

Yesterday my plan of a date day ended up changing a little and I actually had a pretty nice time wandering around town all on my own to spend a little of my birthday money, and run some errands. I ended up flying solo instead because the Hubs and I had planned out things to do away from the house all day long, and didn't want to leave the dogs alone the whole time, so he ended up staying at home with them, and took them on a nice long walk while I was cruising around town.

Can you say 'no' to this face when it asks you to stay home? I think not.

Poor little baby dude.

So anyway, I headed into town and ended up sitting on the road for a good seven minutes while the remainder of a cycling race passed me...there were probably two hundred of them going along the main highway!

(a small fraction of the racers)

There was some kind of marching band competition in town for a few of the schools in the area, three bands total that I saw, and TONS of watchers in the many in fact that it was hard just getting a photo!

Here are most of the things I picked up while in town...first, and this was what I immediately thought of when I got a little birthday money from my in-laws. I felt like it was a sign and meant to be because since my last visit to the British gentleman's antique shop, this turn-of-the-century (original  with frame and all, still sealed!) piece of Jesus was on my mind...then the amount of money I received as a gift was exactly what it was priced at! It that's not a sign, I don't know what is! My little Brit homey also threw in this little leather-bound copy of the New Testament and the Psalms from the 1920's (a confirmation gift, from the hand-written dedication in the front cover) for a song!
I can't wait to hang this up in my house someday...soon hopefully...


I was super stoked! Christ's face is a little creepy, his got these kind of doe-eyes that are really large. you can't really tell from the photo here, but it's a super awesome piece. And it will fit my antique religious/slightly creepy collection/obsession perfectly.
(The verse at the bottom is John 17:24. It's in old Bokmål, but here's a new English translation in case you were curious:
"Father, I will that they also, whom thou hast given me, be with me where I am; that they may behold my glory, which thou hast given me: for thou lovedst me before the foundation of the world." KJV John 17:24 )

I headed out to the Middle Eastern grocery store in town to pick up some of that amazing fig jam, and found a great spiced cardamom tea that I'm drinking at this very moment...drinking out of my other birthday present courtesy of my birthday money: a lovely, functional tea pot that can brew about five cups at once, and is designed to be used with loose leaf tea contained in the suspended strainer inside. It works great, I love it!

On the way home from downtown I stopped at the Salvation Army store in our shopping center area, a.k.a. - the only real thrift store in the area...this was only my second time in there, but I scored some neat finds, all for under 300 kroner!

Three pretty ceramic flower pots for my emerging plant collection... the yellow "shrek" pot, as Harald dubbed it has a stamp on the bottom that says "hand created in West Germany, 1970" in German!

(my current plants consist of a white orchid, my new birthday plant called a "stefanopolis" orchid, and my basil plant, from left to right)

I found seven books too, all in great shape for about 20 kroner a piece (huge bargain btw!) other than these two by DeLillo I picked up an old hardcover copy of Henry James short stories from the 1940's (great shape!), a vintage Hans C. Andersen fairy tales illustrated children's book (great pictures), a mint-condition British edition copy of one of the Harry Potter books for my Husband's hardcover Potter-collection, and two little art books about "Depressives in the Arts throughout History" which are funny and have awesome illustrations.

I also got a cast iron skillet at the Salvation Army, it cleaned up great, is pretty old, medium size, and looks like it was never used! I was excited because my Mom has a few cast-iron skillets and pans at home, they cook things great, last forever, and my Step-Dad swears by them for breakfast food especially! I love using old things in my kitchen, once I finally have a kitchen of my own again, I can implement it whenever I want!

After my shopping conquests were over, and I had been back home for a few hours, the Hubs and I headed out to his Uncle's house because Harald's youngest cousin was having a birthday party. Three years old tomorrow, what a big girl! Here she is with her Mommy in her moment before making a wish, on chocolate cake even, her favorite! (Isn't she a doll?)

Yes, my remaining birthday cupcakes joined in on the fun, they were her favorite color after all!

After the party, Harald and I spent the evening out with some friends watching the final Eurovision competition in Haugesund...

(photo credit)

Germany won!

She did an awesome job, and I was so excited she ended up winning!
By the way, for all readers outside of Europe, the Eurovision competition, in short: happens once a year, and features 25 countries from around the continent performing musical acts in order to win the honor and title for that year. Norway won the 2009 competition so this year the finale was held in Oslo. The German competitor took this year's title so the 2011 competition will take place in Berlin. It's a little cheesy, reminiscent of American Idol at times, but it's easy to get caught up in the excitement too! The winner is determined by texts/phone calls from people all around Europe, then tallied after all the acts have performed. You can't vote for your own country at all, and it's a pretty big deal every was my first to witness.

And then, after some issues with getting home from town late at night, Harald and crashed safely in our bed, puppies along with us around 3:00 a.m. or so. If only my desired lazy Sunday would have turned out like I wanted...alas it was thwarted by a mound of laundry and an issue in my learning group for my master's program that is resulting in yours truly having to completely redo a big old chunky project/paper all of a sudden before it's due tomorrow.
The party never stops around here, folks.
Finally, Harald and I are meeting with a contracting company about a plot of land we fell in love with, on this upcoming Tuesday. I won't say much more, because I don't want to jinx it or get anyone else all excited in case, God forbid something unfortunate happens. Just please, if you can: pray for us, send us good thoughs, cross your fingers, and or whatever other method of good karma you partake in on Tuesday afternoon....we'll need it!