Monday, June 14, 2010

Viking Fest Photo Dump

Sorry it took so long to get this post going, my weekend was both busy and pleasantly relaxing, so I held off! But here, without further procrastination are our photos from the Viking fest!

A little viking (unfortunately not in costume) that we bought some smoked fish from. His father was in costume, and the fisher monger himself, but was off with Harald picking out our fish for us when I took this photo...

The littlest viking we saw that day...isn't she precious chewing on that horn?

This viking was demonstrating (and selling) handmade viking-style flint and obsidian blades. He was using only a piece of deer bone and a wooden block with the chunks of flint, it was actually pretty amazing...even though this particular viking was speaking Swedish so I had to differ to my own personal viking, Harald to help me understand parts of what he was saying.

These three were all taken inside the long meeting house which was incredibly beautiful and was also where the vikings could pick up a few authentic concessions such as hot dogs and ice cream.

My very own viking and I at the pier with the boats...if you can't tell from how we're huddled together, the ominous clouds in the background, and the bulky clothing, it was about 50F and the wind was so strong it literally almost knocked me over at one point. Not the loveliest day to wander around a viking village...

 a couple of the viking ladies themselves...which don't look too excited here...I blame the weather. They should have gone for a hot dog, that seemed to be doing the trick for all the other vikings...

last but not least here's a video clip I took of some of the viking musicians that were playing next to the blacksmiths tent...they were a bit loud, and you can hear the gusts of wind on the film, but you get the idea anyway...

So the experience overall was really neat. There were all kinds of demonstrations like blacksmithing, weapons guides and even a local club that I'm really excited about joining myself that had made some all natural local herb-infused broths and things that the viking themselves used medicinally and ate on a daily basis.
This club by the way, is called the Haugaland Sopp- og Nyttevekstforening, which can be translated to the Haugaland (the name of our local area) mushroom and homeopathic herbs society. I got a pamphlet after we tried their samples and I think I'll join them on their next local mushroom hunt through the forests in our area...the representatives at the viking-fest were all older folks and when I asked for club information about joining one of the ladies looked at Harald and I for a second then said with surprise;
"for you?! Oh! Of course!"
...I have a feeling I might end up being the youngest member involved, thus the basis for shock on her part. I'm still excited nonetheless. They meet once a month or so to do local herb seminars for cooking and healing uses and go on mushroom gathering hunts in our area. Pretty much like a hippy-gardener society.
I am so there.

Harald and I also picked up a few things at the viking-fest, I mentioned that we bought a smoked fish from the fish monger vikings but we also got a few hand carved wooden cooking spoons, and my wonderful Husband indulged me with a beautiful viking-style hair comb I was coveting that is hand carved from a solid piece of deer bone. It might sound silly now, but I think of it as an heirloom type item for our's not really something for everyday use obviously, but it's so lovely and I was dreaming about using it on our children someday and telling them about how it was just like combs their Norwegian ancestors would have used.
A little silly I guess, but I still just love it, and I nestled it away at the bottom of a jewelry box of mine for safe keeping.

So other than viking-related festivities, the Hubs and I spent the weekend in a fairly low key manner. After the freezing wind on the island during the festival we headed into town on the way home and picked up some food for dinner. Harald got his favorite: a kebab pizza, and I tried the only Thai restaurant in town which was pretty good and they even had sushi! I of course had an order, and could have sworn I heard a heavenly chorus when I ate it, because even though it wasn't the best sushi I've ever had, it was the first taste of sushi I've had in over six months and therefor AMAZING.
Then yesterday Harald and I watched a couple of World Cup matches, and he had his brothers and a couple of guy friends over for a game of Risk, which they do every few weeks...I've never played myself but I'm often on the other side of the room while they play, and it can get pretty intense.

Finally, I MUST put out a recommendation of the book I devoured yesterday while said Risk battle was occurring...I sat down and read through How to breathe underwater a book of short stories by Julie Orringer and I can safely say it has earned a prestigious spot on my list of favorites. I won't say much more, you all can check this piece out for yourselves further if you wish, but I do really encourage you to do so, I don't think you'll be disappointed, they were nothing short of perfect.
(M, if anyone actually carries out this recommendation, it better be you! TRUST ME, BESTIE.)

I hope you all had a great weekend onwards to the grind of Monday, eh?