Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Don't Know what to Title this Update. My Bad.

How could I not have been overjoyed when I rolled out to Aksdal on Friday evening to pick up my Husband and this was waiting for me?

That's right. I couldn't...despite the fact this adorable Weegie G.I. Joe of mine is holding a very large weapon, he's still pretty damn adorable in my opinion.

The Hubs also brought me news upon his return from playing Army man that his next exercise will be in October, as his unit of the home defense troops is to protect the huge oil corporation station (that my father-in-law works for actually) in the event of an attack or attempt at occupation in Norway, as it will be among the most valuable assets on the West coast...Harald has also seemingly made up his mind that he will take part in an officers training between now and then to move to a higher rank in his unit. I'm a little nervous about the level of involvement substantially increasing for him, but he seems excited...time will tell...

Protecting Norway, you say? Let me at 'em!
I could do it all on my own. Grrr...

So today the Hubs and I got up and went to a church rummage sale and auction before doing some grocery shopping with the crazy masses that form every Saturday afternoon. We were planning on getting up and going when it started but that sort of fell through, we did show up though and watched the auction take place, which was fun and neat to see, though didn't have much for us. I did manage to make out with a couple of things...

The picture really doesn't do it justice, but you can sort of see where a strip of sunlight hit it, as to what it really looks like in person. It's a candle holder cut from a solid piece of rock crystal. I'm excited to see what it looks like when lit up from the inside, but this is it from the side...I love rocks and stones, so I was pretty excited to shell out ten kroners for this baby. It is totally clean and has great faceted lines...

Then this. It was only five kroners and is a children's book of "The best of the Bible". All stories from the New Testament, and the illustrations are great...many of which I distinctly remember seeing on the walls of my Sunday School class when I was a little girl, and even in my parochial elementary school hallways too! It will make a nice addition to the children's book collection I've got going for future members of our family to come...

After our rummaging lust was satisfied, we headed to our shopping complex because Harald wanted to buy this week's Coca Cola glass at Macdonalds...which of course also meant him getting a big mac. Such sacrifices. The drinking glass is nice though, it's part of the line dedicated to the World Cup this year, and we happened upon the spring green color as this week's choice...I'm afraid the Hubs might want to collect all eight.

Macdonald's was INSANE with families and people, so after gobbling up a burger and fries we scooted out of there and Harald treated me to a new skirt and tunic at one of the clothing boutiques in the mall that I like which was having a sale...I'm wearing the skirt now, wanna see?

Sorry for the first crappy iPhone photo, the lighting and mirror combo in the house isn't so awesome to begin with. I liked the pattern, though I'm also almost positive that I had a blouse and or stretch pants with almost the same exact florals in the mid-nineties. My Mom would be able to corroborate this, I'm sure.
But hey, of all the 90's trends to come back, the florals are certainly not the worst. I'll try and post a photo of the new tunic Harald also bought me once I wear it...what a nice Husband, right?

We stopped over at Harald's grandparents house on the way home from shopping for a bit to pick up some of our game controllers from storage and I ended up watching the televised wedding of the crown princess of Sweden that happened this afternoon with Harald's Grandmother. Needless to say, she looked absolutely beautiful and the royal families were decked out and in attendance from all over Europe. She's in line to be the queen with the time comes, and she married an ordinary, non-royal dude with sweet Buddy Holly glasses. They both teared up during their ring exchange, and you could tell how much they loved each other.
It was pretty rad to see.

Later tonight there's a free concert in the Aksdal community center that I think we'll go was supposed to be outside, near the community center atop a "mountain" but because of high winds that have graced us with their presence for an odd week or so on and off, the artist's instruments couldn't be delivered via helicopter, as planned, thus the sudden indoor venue change. I'm a little bummed, because a concert atop a mountain would have been sweet, it takes 30 minutes or so via trail to hike up to the site, and we could have taken the dogs! But the artist is supposed to be quite good, though I've never heard of her before; she's a 20-something Norwegian lady from Haugesund that plays the piano/guitar and sings, I'll give a little review tomorrow maybe...

Finally, Harald and I finally got to see the season 3 premiere of True Blood last night! He was making fun of me, because I was so stoked while it was lived up to my expectations and I'm hoping we can track down the second episode which airs tomorrow in the U.S., quicker than we did the first!
And because I've seen this video a couple of times now, in different locations, I'm jumping on that bandwagon too. If you love some True Blood like I do, and want to see Snoop profess his fandom via song, proceed. I'm not a huge Snoop Dogg fan generally speaking, but this tribute he made, since apparently he's a huge fan of the series too, is hilarious and totally rad. I hope it's on the next soundtrack installment!