Saturday, June 5, 2010

You Slacker.

Sorry for no update in...forever. But here's a little one for you all.

On Tuesday the Hubs and I did meet with a house contracting firm we wanted to use regarding a plot of land we LOVED right away. Well, needless to say I think, as there was not seizure-inducing, excited posts about our dreams coming to fruition: we got bad news. Not even new bad news, same old story we've been realizing ourselves for a couple of months now: until we have a second income, that means, until I become employed in Norway, we're a case that banks just don't trust. And here's the fun part; I can't be legally employed in any school in the country until I pass the dreaded Bergenstest, even though I'll officially have my Masters degree in education in two months and have been studying for nearly six years to teach.

The party don't stop, kids. It doesn't.

That and the fact that Harald and I are both experiencing super-fun cabin fever about living with his parents and not being able to unpack our things or really settle down is just the icing on this cake. So for now, as per the advice that we received from the contractors concerning how young we were for house plans still, we're starting an apartment hunt. In Norway most apartments are actually what would be called condos in the U.S. as they are bought and owned, rather than leased. So I guess that's a silver-type shade around this current cloud.
So at this point, we're just going to try and find A place, rather than a dream home, something to tide us over for maybe a year or two max until my education is finished, I can pass the exam, and finally get a teaching job.

So we're perusing advertisements for both rent and purchase at the moment, and trying to save up just a little bit so we can start slowly investing in furniture in the meantime...and I've made a few trips to the Salvation Army and housing boutique shops and picked up some kitchen supplies, and keeping an eye out for furniture sales in the area.

Anyway, aside from not all too unusual housing-related frustrations, I've just been bogged down with homework as I'm literally two classes away from my degree and dissertation being completed. I've got two big assignments due on Monday, one of which I've just turned in, and another which still has a long way to go unfortunately. I'm also very very unfortunately hitting that homestretch condition of being incredibly burnt out/apathetic to the rest of my work...sometimes referred to as "senioritis". I has it. It's not so much a lazy thing, just a very stressed and overwhelmed type thing. I feel like my Master's thesis still has a LONG way to go, and only two months to go there, which is just dumped on by metric ton after ton of other things to constantly think about like our lack of home, my lack of job, and my usual housewifely duties (dinner, laundry, cleaning, and the like), I just pretty much feel spent 24/7.

Not to bitch or anything, friends, just a little update as to what is going on at Casa de Kirstin these days. I promise a more lighthearted, non-text only post as soon as I crawl out from under this classwork mound that's due before my weekend gets to come to a close...