Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Yes, darling readers, that's right, yours truly is actually and for really typing on her very own pink laptop again!

So here's the scoop on my prodigal laptop. As some of you might remember, I bought a brand new Sony Vaio CW series, with lovely pink flowers (pink all over actually!) on the cover at the beginning of February. My old laptop a Toshiba that lasted literally six years until I finally turned it in to be recycled for parts, and it met it's maker right before we left for Norway in December. I waited until I got a nice, cushy student loan rebate check to pick out a new computer. I spent a pretty penny on this Sony, I'm not one for dropping actual figures, but let's just suffice it to say that it cost just under a cool grand, once I upgraded the hard drive and processor.
Anyway, I had to order my laptop on Sony.com as the model I wanted doesn't exist on the Sony.no or other European affiliates. My Mom was sweet enough to receive it, then forward it to me immediately. About a whole month later, just enough time to upload all 40G of my music, photos, and other personal files, it crashed. No explanation or reason, just crashed. I rebooted Windows 7 and started over.

That happened three more times within ten days.

Finally after a whole lot of phone stalking on my part to the Sony customer service people, they established for me that there was something wrong with a component of my computer when it was put together at the manufacturing factory. After a little more time spent figuring out where I could send my computer to actually get it fixed, I got it safely packed away to the nearest repair facility on the continent: in France.

I was quoted approximately 10 business days to fix it and be back in my possession.

That was on the first of June.

My computer came back home today via UPS courier.

With all the money I've spent (including the couple hundred dollars my Mom shelled out to forward it to me, for me to ship it to be repaired then come home) I could have sprung for a new Macbook instead of the Vaio, which I denied myself because I figured it to be initially too pricey. Psh.

I'm also sure that I'm now on some annoying&disgruntled customer list in the office of the customer service operators office in Belgium being as this month, I started a trend of calling their offices literally every day of the week, demanding to know where exactly my computer was, and if I was ever going to get it back. At least I don't have to call and threaten any nice, unsuspecting Belgians about the going-ons of the repair center in France anymore. Apparently it took so long, with no one in Belgium knowing what was going on because I had a laptop model that doesn't exist in Europe and the French tekkies were a bit overwhelmed .

But, so far so good at this point...approximately seven hours later. I don't want to jinx it, and I'm not even letting myself get excited yet, which everyone has commented on since I wasn't jumping up and down when it came. The repair invoice says that the entire hard drive was replaced with a brand spanking new one, and a full diagnostic check on every other element of the machine was scrupulously checked.

I'm seriously PRAYING that this means everything is gtg, and I can use this delightful looking, pricey little pink darling for the next few years without any more incidences. Any prayers, good thoughts/karma you might have extra laying around, will also be accepted, folks.

This sister has literally less than one month until her master's dissertation is due in full. Computer issues at this point will not be tolerated, kthnxbi.

So that's the tale of my long-awaited, still brand new, prodigal pink laptop recently returned to me. Pretty ridiculous, isn't it? Yes. Yes, it is.

So in the immediate future anyway, I've got a HUGE deadline for my dissertation this coming Monday. As in, like less than a week, upcoming Monday. I'm wigging out, to say the least. All I have to do is get through this next month without losing the remaining shreds of sanity I still possess in order to be a fully fledged owner of a Master's degree...hopefully a Magna Cum Laude Master's degree. SCARY TIMES.

Once again: prayers, good thoughts and karma will be gratefully accepted.

In the mean time, I might be scarce, but I'll pop in and update you darlings when I can...I'm still reading everyone else's blogs and what not, so keep 'em coming, they make for nice study break distractions!