Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Magical Ukulele...

Hey darling readers, just wanted to share something that's helping me zen out a little and focus on my dissertation work. Now you might not all be under similar academic pressure at the moment, but I'm sure you all love and appreciate amazing music made by talented artists, right?


Then you need to check out the new release from the amazing Amanda Palmer. You might have heard of (or like me, love and adore) her work in the grusome twosome "The Dresden Dolls", well she's gone solo to make a really unique and super cool EP where she covers classic Radiohead (also one of my favorite bands of all time) songs on her magical ukulele.

The album is a labor of love, and totally independent, you can get it here, for a minimum donation of $0.84, the cost of paying royalty rights to the members of Radiohead for the use of their original work.

Now if that's not a steal for amazing music, I don't know what is.

I'm groovin' to this baby as we speak, and don't think any of you will regret donating a dollar or more to the cause to join with me in appreciating this rockin' lady and her magical ukulele!