Friday, July 30, 2010

Oh and btw: Inception was INCREDIBLE. He totally made it back. ;)

So my mother-in-law, for some random charitable reason decided to move all her personal items (aside from the furniture of course) out of the downstairs living room next to Harald and I's bedroom, that also being the room our giant American television resides in as well as our laptops most of the time. It's a big room, and part of it also houses our own refrigerator/freezer and makeshift kitchen counter with all our food and my kitchen/household inquiries since we moved.
Needless to say, it's where we hang out. Constantly.

Now I didn't want to put anyone out, or make her move her books/knick knacks around and pack them up just to make room for us...I would have never dreamed of asking, because I don't want to put anyone out or step on toes while we're living here.

She insisted.

Even after I repeated over and over again that it would be a lot of work to empty out her three big bookshelves to make room for my books, etc. and I didn't want her to feel like she had Norwegian even. So I was trying, folks!

Anyway, she's started the process and now I am able to actually more effectively store our non-refrigerated food in a cabinet, instead stacked on a countertop, I can break down the four knee-high stacks of books next to the side of my bed (not books I moved with, these are just the ones I've acquired SINCE we arrived) and put them on proper shelves...and feel a little more relaxed and 'at home' even.

It's a nice feeling, but at the same time, an odd one, because I also am acutely aware of the fact that this is not my home. And I haven't had my own home in over seven months. Even if our latest housing dream comes to fruition, which both myself and the Hubs are praying it will (and at the risk of jinxing it, it actually might!), it's still only a proposed building project and won't be under construction until the end of this year, pending sales. I guess my MIL is starting to feel sympathetic to our sorry state, and knows we're doing our best to get on our feet here in Norway, and housing options just aren't as easy to jump into as they used to be before the real estate crisis threw even poor little Weegie realtors for a loop.

Point is, we are trying still (obviously) to get our first place, and prospects are good, but not immediate. Until then, I'm just trying to let myself get just a little bit more comfortable where we are...

Updates as promised on my Master's program work, everything crossed out is finished as of today...

Master's Dissertation Workload  Remaining as of 7/30/2010

Yesterday, Monday 7/26 -  4/5 chapters of my master's thesis for a last instructor review due before final submission in a few weeks. Made the deadline. Super nervous about it.
Today, Tuesday 7/27 - Submitted the same content to a classmate of mine that I was partnered up with. She's going to to a peer edit of my dissertation, and I'm doing hers. I have to finish combing through her thesis with a fine-tooth comb in the next 48-hours so I can do a formal written analysis of her work complete with any and all strengths and weaknesses. The write up doesn't need to be super long, only a page or two, but has to be as perfect as possible. I have to have all this done and turned in no later than this coming Sunday.
Tomorrow, Wednesday 7/28 - Relatively simple essay assignment due, just finished it this morning and turned it in a couple hours ago.

Saturday 7/31 - Preliminary modest write-ups relating to grant proposal tactics due, x2.
Monday 8/2 - Presentation content relating to dissertation due, with signed approval from a faculty colleague. Also an essay completed within my learning group is due, we're still in the early stages of creating said essay.
Saturday 8/7 - Two more modest write-ups due, topic as of yet unknown.
Monday 8/9 - THE FINAL VERSION, COMPLETE WITH CONCLUSION CHAPTER 5 OF MY DISSERTATION IS DUE, IN FULL. Also due; a mock-up grant proposal and evaluation.
Saturday 8/14 - The final two modest write-ups due, topic also unknown at this point.
Monday 8/16 - Final day of final class. Summarizing essay relating to dissertation topic as relating to and reviewed by peers during class duration is due.