Friday, July 16, 2010


For real, an actual update is in the works, ya'll, right after I finish my final project this weekend....and stop squealing with joy over the upcoming Miyazaki and Disney movies that are coming out this year!

I'm a HUGE fan of both "the Japanese Walt Disney" and the Disney studios, and I just found out, like in a five minute time span that Studio Ghibli releases their latest endeavor tomorrow in cinemas in Japan...I hope an English-subtitled edition will pop up somewhere soon!
Here's a little teaser/trailer I found. It's a movie version of The Borrowers. Did you all read that book when you were kids too?

From Disney, coming later this fall is a version of the Grimm's Fairy tale Rapunzel, called "Tangled". Mandy Moore voices the main character, and even though I'm a bit of a traditionalist and prefer hand-animation in 2-D, I still CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THIS! Let's hope Norwegian cinemas will have it by the end of the year!

The powerpoint project I'm working on has somehow become even more tedious since I watched these trailers...the excitement, folks, the excitement!

What do you all think of these upcoming animated features? Yea or Nay? Is there anything you're excited to be released coming up in 2010?