Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Well, essentially.

Check these babies out! We had to call the store selling them and reserve two under our name, then wait a couple weeks for them to come in because the has flown off the shelves originally! Totally worth it. We got two, one for soap for colored laundry and one for soap for whites. They are too adorable side by side...I can't wait to have a laundry room of my own to put them in!

The front of the tin, the circle in the middle is clear like a real washer door, you can see our soap in it!

 Here it is from all four sides and the top. How cute is that?! Laundry couldn't get more fun, organized and adorable I don't think...

Well, not really, anyway...

Also, I has to pick up some makeup remover wipes the other day, and ended up with these...I guess I'm essentially Norwegian now, if not by heritage or nationality, by home and residency. Again, essentially every Weegie woman needs something specially for her and her countrywomen, right?

 Shopping in Norway can be fun, entertaining times, kids.