Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What, no photos? Psh.

Ack, a post with no photos!?

Bear with me, I haven't baked anything nor attended anything remotely festive, nor gotten dressed in like 48 hours now. I'll work on being interesting enough to keep ya'll 's attention, promise.

So anyway, for the moment, my mother/father-in-law and my little sister-in-law left for their summer vacation trip to Denmark this morning. Is it totally wrong and hateful that I'm more than a little psyched, and actually feel really relaxed and mellow for a change, now that they're out of the house and it's just me, the Hubs and my brothers-in-law?

I hope not, 'cause that's how I feel!

I don't feel bad nor do I have to time when I want to make dinner for Harald and I, because aside from my brothers-in-law heating up an occasional hotdog or hamburger, the kitchen is all mine for the next 12 days or so. No coordinating our meals around theirs...it's almost like having my own kitchen again, almost.
I also don't feel guilty or lazy for being in pajama pants and tee shirts all day long...it's not that I do nothing in said attire, I just do loads of housework and homework while looking like I'm dressed for doing nothing. It's kind of a beautiful thing.

So with a plethora of papers and powerpoints to finish this week, and most likely little to no summer festivals or activities aside from possibly going swimming in the lake if the weather actually attempts something looking like summer, my posts might not be too thrilling or constant...chalk it up to fewer people in the house translating to my little vacation.

I hope everyone celebrated the fourth in style, whether that meant patriotic flag cakes or not! Here, by the way, I actually managed to not only share my delicious flag cake with the masses, but also drug out the grill (only for some veggie dogs, but still!) and swam! Swam in 60F weather, in a lake that had that biggest waves I've ever seen on a body of water that is not an ocean. I was freezing at first, then it got a bit better, all the while being odd and abusive on account of the waves slamming my body into the rocks we were swimming near and leaping off of. Let's hope for better swimming weather later this week, shall we?