Tuesday, July 27, 2010

You Bad Blogger, You.

Yes, that's what I am. Neglecting my little blog for nearly a week, without so much as a music update. Don't worry, I grounded myself accordingly.

Anyway you folks haven't been missing much in my daily life lately...when I might have mentioned in the past that I'm up to my eyeballs in the final stages of my dissertation, I wasn't exaggerating, that's pretty much literally all I've been up to, 24/7 these days.

Want a break down of my work load? Sure...plus, writing it out like this might help me cross things off my list easier!

Master's Dissertation Workload  Remaining as of 7/26/2010

Yesterday, Monday 7/26 -  4/5 chapters of my master's thesis for a last instructor review due before final submission in a few weeks. Made the deadline. Super nervous about it.
Today, Tuesday 7/27 - Submitted the same content to a classmate of mine that I was partnered up with. She's going to to a peer edit of my dissertation, and I'm doing hers. I have to finish combing through her thesis with a fine-tooth comb in the next 48-hours so I can do a formal written analysis of her work complete with any and all strengths and weaknesses. The write up doesn't need to be super long, only a page or two, but has to be as perfect as possible. I have to have all this done and turned in no later than this coming Sunday.
Tomorrow, Wednesday 7/28 - Relatively simple essay assignment due, just finished it this morning and turned it in a couple hours ago.
Saturday 7/31 - Preliminary modest write-ups relating to grant proposal tactics due, x2.
Monday 8/2 - Presentation content relating to dissertation due, with signed approval from a faculty colleague. Also an essay completed within my learning group is due, we're still in the early stages of creating said essay.
Saturday 8/7 - Two more modest write-ups due, topic as of yet unknown.
Monday 8/9 - THE FINAL VERSION, COMPLETE WITH CONCLUSION CHAPTER 5 OF MY DISSERTATION IS DUE, IN FULL. Also due; a mock-up grant proposal and evaluation.
Saturday 8/14 - The final two modest write-ups due, topic also unknown at this point.
Monday 8/16 - Final day of final class. Summarizing essay relating to dissertation topic as relating to and reviewed by peers during class duration is due.
Daily this week, and until I'm done 8/16 - Participate in my online classroom formats 5/7 days this week, complete any and all reading requirements for class, said participation/reading usually taking anywhere from 2-5 hours a day.

And that, friends, is my time suck at the moment.

Factor in things like, making dinner for myself and the Hubs every night, keeping the house clean/doing laundry/taking care of dogs/etc. on a daily basis, and I'm swamped. I'm not posting this to illicit pity, I know that even with this considerable work load, I'm still an incredibly blessed person and the fact that most of this stress and this workload come from the fact that I'm fortunate enough to be receiving a degree of high education. I know that after this final deadline for my academic work it will be much easier to sleep regularly, have an appetite, and just plain not feel dominated by the need to complete writing assignments and constantly check in with professors and classmates...all of which, I'm definitely not currently experiencing!
Again, if I can just get to that point, with the remaining shreds of my sanity intact, and having turned in work that was done to the best of my ability, I'll definitely be praising God, and trying to unwind a little more!

The Hubs is doing is part in little ways, he's getting me out of the house, and away from classwork by taking me to see Inception tomorrow evening, which I'm totally stoked about, as it looks like it will be right up my alley, and I know many of you and my other friends/family Stateside have already seen it and sang its' praises. I've also been watching some of my beloved X-Files DVD's while typing and or in the evening after the Hubs comes home for the day...(geek sidenote/rant: ended up watching the new Star Trek movie this evening. NOT a Trekkie in any capacity, in fact, a diehard loyal fan of the Wars for life. But I have to admit, with shock, it was a damn good sci-fi flick, and after wards I just felt totally jaded by the fact that a reimagined/reincarnated Star Trek movie could be so much infinitely better and amazing than the three newest and most recent Star Wars movies, which we all know, were shameful to say the least. Lame.)

I also managed to churn out a pretty kickin' strawberry pie, from scratch yesterday evening, which is systematically being devoured by my in-laws and Husband alike as we speak. I managed to save pieces for my Husband's darling grandparents up the road, and sent them up with my love so Grandma could have dessert on her birthday, today. We had a little family dinner party with the whole clan yesterday to celebrate and my pie wasn't finished just yet a the time, so I had to send it up quickly as soon as it was finished this afternoon!

So, that, my darling blog readers is what you're missing out on from yours truly. Pretty mundane, cooking and baking related tasks wedged into heavy and intense loads of homework in order to break up the monotony.

I also somehow managed to read 6 books during the month of July, my highest number per month yet this year! I guess aside from occasional baking, I've been turning to 'pleasure reading' in order to de-stress from my homework load, when possible. As for my reading goal for 2010 of 50 books total, I'm in good shape thus far, readers. Current number of books read in 2010 amount to: 33. I can't convey accurately, I don't think just how wonderful it will be to not have academic reading requirements to complete after the next couple weeks...just to be able to read the books I have piled next to my bed, and on my Kindle = HEAVEN.

Adieu for now, darlings, I'll keep an updated homework check list running and updated every couple days or so, if anything, for my sake! <3