Thursday, August 19, 2010

100th post!

Wow, how the time has flown on my little corner of the blogosphere; this is my 100th entry! Happy birthday, blog!

Fitting for my 100th post (I guess, lol!) is something I find super neat and an honor...I've been featured on a new tattoo blog that focuses on women's tattoos and beautiful inked ladies. Not that I speak much about my tattoos or love of tattoos much on this blog (thus far), but I know at least some of my readers here are also tattooed and or like/love ink like me. So want to see my back piece and pretty much my favorite tattoo on my body?

Head on over to: La Femme Tattoo!

Keep an eye on that blog too, she's just starting out, but I think it promises to be quite interesting! Lovely tattooed ladies from an objective, near educational voice. Tattoo tolerance, ahoy!


So I've also gotten my Weegie class schedule figured out now, by the end of the first week. Here goes:

Monday: 8:30 - 2:10 - A full day of class, complete with a lunch break and two 15-minute coffee/tea pauses.
Tuesday: 8:30 - 2:10 -    "                                "
Wednesday: 8:30 - 11:15 - The short day in the week for everyone, we quit at our usual lunch time.
Thursday: 8:30 - 10:00 - I can stay till 1:00 if I want to, and work on our computer curriculum, but I usually don't. I like the supervising teacher during computer hours, he's the only gentlemen teacher, an older bloke, and helpful, also really good at English and doesn't mind clarifying and explaining things in English for me...I just really am not into the curriculum itself on the computers. I get bored learning that way; give me the old school lecture, group work, discussion style any day!

I've also got the option to switch to evening classes, while retaining my Monday schedule as it is the one full day during the week in which I get my required Weegie politics/social studies requirement I need to become a citizen at some point in the near future. (I need 50 hours total within the given three-year visa period)
Evening classes would be nice because I could end up finding a day-job, potentially even full time. The HUGE downside being that it would literally take me the next full year or even two to earn the amount of hours I need to by 2012.
If I stick with the full 4-day a week load I have now, and described above, I could be done with my entire language/social studies requirement for residency by January 2011. But, then of course, the Hubs and I will have to completely put of house hunting until then, unless I find a weekend-type job; as the banks are twats that expect us both to have an earned income before we're applicable for a proper house loan.

It's a bit of a conundrum.

Lord knows I want to move out and get our own place as soon as possible, but I also want and really need to be finished with these classes at some point soon. To get them over with, and also because I only have three allotted years by the Weegie government in which to earn 300-total hours of Weegie classes. After I earn them, I can apply for permanent residency here...the Weegie equivalent of what's known in the States as being a "naturalized citizen". Meaning, I retain my U.S. citizenship/passport for always, but can live in Norway as an official resident indefinitely while married to my respective Weegie.

My first year of my three-year visa period culminates in November this year. I gotta get with the program.

I guess that means, as the Hubs and I have talked it over up to this point, that I'll be staying in full-time day classes until I'm totally finished with my hours, and we'll put off house hunting until the beginning of 2011, when I'll also be able to properly work here amongst the Weegies.

Despite all that, I think we'll work it out just fine...if not a little impatiently. Lol.

Hey look, a sloth!

Well now I'm back to the book I'm reading at the moment. I'm totally into it already, only sixty odd pages in...don't you just love when that happens?
A big vegan curry for dinner (my FAVORITE) then hitting up the shops with the Hubs is on the agenda for later today. Weegie class conundrum or no, today is shaping up quite nicely. <3 ...suddenly not having copious amounts of grad school homework to do on the daily is also helping my mood.

Check me out, pleasure reading in the middle of the day. SWEET RELIEF.