Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back in the U.S.S.R.!

I got a padded envelope in the mail from my Mom today with some mail I had accumulated at her house, a back issue of one of my favorite magazines (Nylon!) and this little gem:

It was among some things my Dad and Brother brought back from Illinois last month when they helped my Grandparents moved into an assisted living facility. So it belonged to my Grandmother, who got it who knows where and when. It's a pin, btw, obviously in the same style of those amazing Russian lacquer boxes. My Mom included a note that said when she found it, it automatically went in a "Kirstin would love this, send it to her" pile.

It's moments like those, that confirm how much my Mom knows and loves me.

The Hubs and I also finally received new wedding bands that we ordered last month...they're even better than our original ones! Should you be wondering right about now, as to why we needed to order new wedding bands, to make a long story short, my Husband lost his wedding band at the beginning of this summer while playing a football game with his team.

Yeah. Needless to say, we already have established that should either of us leave the house and go anywhere where we might need to take off our rings, we'll just leave them at home.
They're tungsten carbide rings with a gold detail....

You like? We love!

Anyway, aside from getting some sweet stuff in the mail, any other item of amazing news would be, oh, I don't know....


True story. It's like totally finished. The Hubs is helping me create a bar chart to pop into it later tonight. I'm not super awesome with Excel, math, statistics or any of that business, so I'm grateful that my dissertation only needs one chart in the first place, and even more grateful that I have an amazing Hubby that rocks at things like that.
So anyway, yesterday I spent literally my entire day/evening finishing the actual writing process on this baby, and after my bar chart is finished, my plan is to take tomorrow, Wednesday off of working on it, to clear my head and perspective a little. Then, between Thursday and Monday when it is due, do a fifth, sixth and possibly seventh full edit of the entire dissertation.


I just can't believe it's actually finished and all that's left is ironing out the kinks. When I realized that it was legitimately done, I think I actually praised God out loud.

Drumroll, please, darling readers for the next installment of my 'to do' list for the duration of my Masters program:

Master's Dissertation Workload  Remaining as of 8/3/2010

Yesterday, Monday 7/26 -  4/5 chapters of my master's thesis for a last instructor review due before final submission in a few weeks. Made the deadline. Super nervous about it.
Today, Tuesday 7/27 - Submitted the same content to a classmate of mine that I was partnered up with. She's going to to a peer edit of my dissertation, and I'm doing hers. I have to finish combing through her thesis with a fine-tooth comb in the next 48-hours so I can do a formal written analysis of her work complete with any and all strengths and weaknesses. The write up doesn't need to be super long, only a page or two, but has to be as perfect as possible. I have to have all this done and turned in no later than this coming Sunday.
Tomorrow, Wednesday 7/28 - Relatively simple essay assignment due, just finished it this morning and turned it in a couple hours ago.

Saturday 7/31 - Preliminary modest write-ups relating to grant proposal tactics due, x2.
Monday 8/2 - Presentation content relating to dissertation due, with signed approval from a faculty colleague. Also an essay completed within my learning group is due, we're still in the early stages of creating said essay.
Saturday 8/7 - Two more modest write-ups due, on the subject of disseminating large research projects.
Monday 8/9 - THE FINAL VERSION, COMPLETE WITH CONCLUSION CHAPTER 5 OF MY DISSERTATION IS DUE, IN FULL. Also due; a mock-up grant proposal and evaluation.
Saturday 8/14 - The final two modest write-ups due, topic also unknown at this point.
Monday 8/16 - Final day of final class. Summarizing essay relating to dissertation topic as relating to and reviewed by peers during class duration is due.

And that, my friends, is what's up in my world to date. I cannot believe I'm almost done with my thesis. Party at my place on Monday evening to celebrate!