Monday, August 16, 2010

A Day Full of Accomplishments.

Today, was not just another Monday for yours truly.

"Why?" - you might ask.

Well dears, for one, today was the culminating and final day of my Master's program. 

Yes, that's right. I have turned in everything that was ever due up until this point, to my supervising professor, and now will just have the nail-biting time period -hopefully only for the rest of this week- while waiting to see my final grades.

I can post about this, and grin while I say that I'm finished, but I don't think it has really kicked in at this point. Give me a few days, a week even during which I don't have to do homework and check in with professor(s) daily, and maybe it will come to me.

I am done with my Master's program. And even though I didn't get to attend my own graduation ceremony that went down in June, I'll still be adding to the Hubs and I's diploma collection...hopefully with Magna Cum Laude!

And of course, six months from now, I will be given the great honor of beginning my student loan payments. Rock on.


Also, I have to mention, though it might not be as much as a life-changing obstacle, it was still a huge personal triumph of mine...

I finished this today:

And if you're not a super geeked out Lit. fiend like myself, let me just briefly make a few points as to why this is a note worthy achievement for the day:
a. This novel is, no joke, 827 pages long.
b. It is written by what many consider to be one of the best living American postmodern writers alive.
c. Trying to delayer this novel, all its' characters and themes/subjects was much like trying to cut through an onion the size of a buick...with spikes on it.
d. And finally, as I had to clarify for my Husband, no this novel is NOT about vampires like the movie of the same name.

Hey, I'm not a reader daunted by page count, but about two hundred pages into this baby, I broke a sweat realizing that there were still over six hundred left to go, and I had to jot down notes  and family trees to myself just to make sure I wasn't totally getting my wires crossed. Did I mention that right before this book, I tackled another, newer (shorter), DeLillo novel as well? I've been swimming in a sea of Mr. DeLillo for weeks now. It's been a wild and eloquent ride.

But anyway, now that I'm finished with Underworld, and it's been integrated into my shelves, I can honestly say it was amazing. A truly amazing feat of modern literature. It's practically seamless. I can easily see why DeLillo is considered to be such a master.

Oh, and guess what, darlings?

Weegie classes start back up tomorrow morning.

No lag time between classes and studying for this lady. Vacation? Not a word that exists in my vocabularly, dude.