Friday, August 27, 2010

On a routine expedition...

Yesterday after class, I went out to Haugesund with a classmate of mine from South Africa. We hit up the newer cafe in town, got two AMAZING drinks, chatted a bit then hit up a couple of the shops before we passed by the Salvation Army on the way to dropping me back off at my house.

In addition to finding a second great establishment that makes a killer chai with soy milk, I also actually tracked down tahini in Norway!
Now for all you non-Vegan/vegetarians, this might sound a little odd to be stoked over. But finding more food options that are so easy to come by back home in the States is always a tiny victory. I have yet to find actual tofu here, even though one of the bigger grocery stores in town carries pretty much the entire line of the British Tofutti company's supplemental foods. Having access to sour "cream", "cream cheese", and especially "cheese" for cooking and baking with makes life so much easier some times in my new home, and let's face it, Vegan or not, this girl will not abandon her undying love for the immaculate comfort food that is macaroni and cheese.
But hey, the Pakistani grocery store in town, the same one that my classmates from school work at (hello friendly discounts!) has great resources on its' shelves, including four different types of tahini, and tons of falafael...all vegan!

Anyway, aside from getting amped over finding more food options, I just felt so grateful about being able to window shop and sit at a cafe with another female human being that both speaks English, and doesn't hover when I shop, asking if I'm almost done yet.

I haven't had that since I left the States.

And even then, it was probably well before we actually moved since I was so stressed and busy with our move and my simultaneous life-sucking masters program to spend time with any of my remaining friends.

You know, being here among some of the most reserved and stoic people/cultures in the World, does not make it super easy to find friends. Especially when you're not a native speaker, and thus not real clued into the way in which Weegies  who are not loud like you are actually meet one another.

Most days I can manage to not let it drag me down, and days like yesterday, where I felt comfortable having some girl time worked wonders for my general mood and outlook.