Friday, August 13, 2010

Our Town, in the middle of the street...

So with a mere three days left of my Master's program I'm a little swamped with tying up loose ends, but guess what's going on in Haugesund for the next odd week?

Oh all kinds of stuff.

As many of you might have noticed at this point, during the summer, most towns and villages in Norway have some kind of festival in their area, and they all attempt to bring a unique draw for the public. Well, of course, we proud Haugesund-ians are no different, and since we are a decent sized city (by Weegie standards mind you) slung between two of the largest cities in Norway, we try and do up our respective festival times in style...

So this week is the annual SildaJazz festival. "Sild" is the Norwegian word for herring, and Haugesund is one of THE Norwegian capitals of the herring industry, hence the theme. The Hubs and I are planning on heading downtown tomorrow (despite my anxiety at the estimated 30-40,000 people that will be milling around our fair town) to check out the booths and hear some music.

But that's not all for Haugesund's summer fun, folks. The party don't stop at a herring jazz festival. Right after this shindig wraps up, we'll be knee-deep in the Norwegian International Film Festival, which I am actually super stoked about. Awesome mega talents including the likes of Michael Cera, Edgar Wright and Brian Cox are showing up, among others this year to screen some of their new films. The Hubs and I are planning on buying an all access pass for the festival so we can pop in and out of films whenever we please. Yus.

Check out the links I posted above for the English language sites for each event! These pages aren't as comprehensive as the original Norwegian sites, but you can still get the idea.

Who's psyched for the "World's Longest Herring Table" this year? This lady.

As long as strangers don't touch me. Cause that shit freaks me out.

Xanax, please?

Don't worry lovelies, photos will follow...they might even include ones of myself suffering debilitating panic attacks brought on by being touched by thousands of strangers and being cramped in places with too many people. Social anxiety, ahoy!