Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Saturday in Photos - The World's Longest Herring Table

Sorry I didn't snap more photos while in the fray downtown, any given point I was super busy either munching away or being slammed into by total strangers crazy for free food, then panicking and tearing up.
Anyway, here's a few moments from yesterday:

 The process of partaking in free herring from the worlds longest herring table: shove your way to the table, grab a little plastic cup and fork, then grub away!

It was also 'harbor days' on the piers where tons of old wooden ships were docked:

Then we sat in the new cafe in town to relax a little while the downtown area drained a little after the table closed down...there we scored some pear white tea, coke and carrot cake, respectively

 I also got a few cute things at the shops, you know to cool my anxiety levels. They'll be making an appearance soon too...

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