Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 6, and the battle for a Weegie license continues...

Day 06 - Favorite book of your favorite series OR your favorite book of all time 

 I think I'll go with the series option this time. So I give you my favorite book from one of my favorite trilogies ever:

If you haven't checked out the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman, of which this is third and final installment following The Golden Compass and The Subtle Knife, it is definitely my favorite, though all three are amazing. If you're even remotely interested in the fantasy/sci-fi genre, and haven't checked out this series yet, you are totally missing out. And no, seeing the movie that came out a few years back that while entertaining, did not manage to even skim the surface of how entire and awesome the story of the first book really is, does not count.


On a less-literary, more real-life note: yesterday I went on a drive test with a local driving school and instructor, which is ending up to be step one, of hopefully only a three step process involving me getting my Weegie license.
While it resulted in me being totally stressed out by having to prove my driving abilities in a car that featured passenger pedals (something that I have never in my life had to be privy to, not even with I was 15 and taking driver's ed in the high school), it also ended up in my instructor telling me that my technique and execution was near perfect but I lacked confidence in the multi-laned round-about process and crazy Weegie intersections that never have stop signs nor traffic lights. 
This is not untrue.
I don't know how long it will take me driving around Norway to NOT at least pause at each intersection before proceeding. Apparently, this is enough to necessitate my needing to have one more hour with the traffic school before my DMV test occurs to insure that I pass easily.


The whole process pretty much just leaves me feeling inadequate and stupid, even though I've been behind the wheel for literally ten years now, and aside from minor, occasional speeding infractions from when I was younger, I have a flawless driving record. I'm convinced the Weegies are just trying to get me down about getting actually licensed here. 
And I'm really, really praying that after another hour with the driving school instructor on the 29th that he insisted I take, that I'll be able to pass my DMV licensing drive without an issue on the 30th.

And in case this process is a little convulted for any of you, I'll just clarify this: in Norway you don't take your driving licensing exam with your own vehicle. A little silly I think, as it will be what you'll then be driving. Anyway, you have to use a driving school's car, with passenger pedals (for the instructor's safety, I suppose). Most teenagers (who are the largest percentile of testers) end up paying thousands of U.S. dollars to a driving school of their choosing to not only learn how to drive (as there is no high school driver's ed here) but also then borrow that car to take the exam once they are old enough (18) and ready to roll.
Since my license woes are actually only an international driver's license transfer from out of the EU, I thankfully don't have to take the written driving exam or the hours and hours of driving practice to get my official Weegie license. I do however have to take the DMV drive test, and in order to to that, I have to borrow a traffic school's car which they know I won't destroy in the process.

See what I mean about the whole jumping through hoops type scenario?

Well I am just hoping at this point, that I'll be a legal, Norwegian-license bearing driver by the end of the month. Please keep up the good thoughts and prayers on my account!