Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 8 and cute old Russians with nets.

Day 08 - A book everyone should read at least once

Again, there is no one right answer but I very quickly mentally answered:

If you think this is just a novel about a dirty old man, and or a pedophile, whether that be from hearsay or from attempts to read it yourself...you are very, very mistaken. You need to at least attempt this book. I'm not going to lie to you, or sugar coat it: this is often believed to be, by many in high literary circles to be among the most dense and difficult novels ever penned in the English language.

This ain't no Danielle Steel, folks. So don't expect it to be.

But do expect an honest to God love story of epic proportions.

A story written by someone this cute, can't be bad, right?

Nope. It can't.

Stay tuned for more exciting literary news on my 30-day book meme!

And p.s. - I just finished an AMAZING book the other day that instantly, like American Gods by Neil Gaiman (that I also just read this month) rocketed to my favorites list. I also wrote a pretty kickin' book review about it on Shelfari if I don't say so myself...hey, why aren't you all on Shelfari yet?