Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 9, pretty fine.

Before the meme fun starts, I just have to brag about something. My white potted orchid is probably the biggest potted orchid in all of Norway at this point, and it's not even a year old! It has 15 open, gorgeous flowers right now, and about 6 engorged buds on their way to becoming blooms.
I've really gotten into nurturing plants since we moved, and I'm praying, that things like the heartiness of my orchid are signs that I might have inherited my great-grandmother and mother's famous green thumbs. Here's for hoping!

Day 09 - Best scene ever 

 This meme is super fun and exciting but kind of inspires panic in me from time to time because of the finite wording of "ever" and "best" on almost every day!
How about this scene:
Chapter five of The Great Gatsby is pretty much my favorite in the entire book.

I won't type out the entire scene or even a complete synopsis of this amazing chapter from this incredible book, because you all should have read it by now. Lol. Suffice it to say, for the sake of clarity, that this chapter is arguably the most trans-formative chapter for the main characters in the entire book. It's also in which the infamous and amazing shirts scene in Gatsby's house occurs, which is my pick for best scene ever.
For those diehard Gatsby geeks and bibliophiles like myself, it's a lovely and heartbreaking scene for Daisy (simpering cow that she is) and Gatsby, and I think totally sets the rest of the novel into the whirlwind that carries it to its' conclusion.
I first read this book and this scene when I was 13 years old. Now, an odd 12 years later, when the Hubs and I are out shopping for and picking out dress shirts for him to go to work in, this scene always plays out in my mind.