Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A meme begins...as well as the hate mail from Potter fans.

Hello, little darlings.

One of my enigmatic, fabulous, bibliophile friends on LiveJournal has been cycling herself through this "meme" or survey about her reading choices/preferences/what have you's. I've enjoyed reading her responses so much, I just had to jack it from her...with her blessing of course!

So here, without further adieu, is day one of the 30 day book meme challenge!
Disclaimer, I might not actually do all 30 days of this meme consecutively in 30 days in a row...but time will tell...if you would like to contribute to the cycle of theft and do this meme on your own, make sure you leave your link in the comments section below!
Also, disclaimer part 2: It is SUPER difficult for me to make executive decisions (re: the ever popular 'what's your favorite book?' question) regarding books and or reading. All answers I come up with in this meme are most definitely not finite, nor the final and absolute word from yours truly. Just a slice of a great big ol' pie.
Ok. Disclaimers over. Promise...for now.

Day 01 - A book series you wish had gone on longer OR a book series you wish would just freaking end already (or both!) 

So this question is a bit difficult for me, because generally speaking, I'm not a big series reader. Of course there are exceptions like the Narnia series by C.S. Lewis which I've adored entirely since childhood. But really, I think it might just be because I can get bored and exasperated with volumes and volumes of the same characters and general story line.

Example: I only read the first four Harry Potter books. I love seeing the films, but by the time I was about 100 pages into The Goblet of Fire, I was ready to slam my head against the wall repeatedly until falling into sweet unconsciousness. Thus I never completed the series/also thought the series was/is being milked for everything it had, regardless of how much everyone was/is into it. From my lit major/snob background, of which I am both proud and not bragging about, I just could not stomach Ms. Rowling's lack of technique and writing style...even though Harry and the crew can be quite precious. Also, I don't care how much you love some Potter, there was just TOO much story in TGOF for one volume. It would have been much better suited in two. So I guess if I had to answer as to what series I think was milked until cold and dead (is still being milked until dead) and really could have bowed out with grace a whole lot earlier than it did, it would have to be Harry Potter.

Though a trilogy of books is often my (non-intentional) limit as far as a 'series' goes I will say that the His Dark Materials trilogy by Phillip Pullman (including The Golden Compass), and the Gemma Doyle trilogy (including A Great and Terrible Beauty) by Libba Bray could have most definitely stretched out their respective storylines for another odd book or two and I would have still totally been into it.

(p.s. - PLEASE DO NOT HATE ON ME FOR EXPRESSING MY GENIUNE FEELINGS/THOUGHTS ON H.P. WE'RE ALL ENTITLED TO AN OPINION, FOLKS. THAT'S MINE. If you love/are obsessed in/with H.P. to the point of naming family members/pets after characters and sporting H.P. tattoos: you can still be a rad person and I don't hate you nor look down on you, so extend the courtesy...you freak.)

(p.p.s. - I also am of the opinion that a HUGE percentage of the YA (young adult) culture of literature these days heavily lean on/require a series structure/presentation. Odd trend. I love that in recent decades YA has emerged as a genre and managed to help nurture emerging generations to love to read; but the fact that YA authors administer their work in volume after volume of a series, much like a drug dealer can be a bit annoying/distressing. 
Land your plane, folks. 
It doesn't take 10-15 separate book volumes to convey a quality story. I won't list examples here, you all are intelligent, you can figure out just whom/what series I'm talking about/referencing here.) 

How's that for an immaculate beginning for a meme?