Friday, October 29, 2010

A Real Halloweenie.

So this year will be my first Halloween outside of the U.S./away from my family in my whole life up until this point.

"It's only Halloween!" You might be thinking.

Well aside from Christmas (and it's even just a rival, not a usurper) it's the biggest holiday my family celebrates all year! Ever since I can remember, Halloween is about making big batches of treats together, decorating our house with TONS of fun, spooky things, my Mom making my brother, sister and I costumes with her sewing machine, spooky movies, (trick-or-treating when we were all younger of course!), and a party with great food and homemade apple cider!

It's a super fun day, and month really while we prepare for the special day.

This year, no pumpkins to carve...mostly because they kind of don't exist here, much less carving kits, no trick-or-treaters, or parties. (That and my Husband is a party-pooper that replied "Um. No, I don't really want to...once we have kids we can. I just don't get why we need to now." when I asked him if he wanted to make jack-o-lanterns this year.)

I. Am. So. Bummed.

It makes me miss my family and out traditions. Here's a neat story for all you other expats that might be in the same boat, btw.

It's even harder and sucks more because we don't have our own place, and all my decorations are still packed away in storage. My Mom and Auntie both sent GREAT care packages for the Hubs and I, and we're planning on making my amazing, fattening nachoes while watching some favorite horror movies, just for a little something special on the day. Today I made about six dozen Halloweenie cookies, half the batch with fun green/black/orange sprinkles and the other half with sprinkles and chocolate chips.

Yum Yum.

Someday(...hopefully by next Halloween even!) the Hubs and I will have our own big Halloweenie party, with our decorations, costumes and treats for our friends/family...even if we're the only ones in town celebrating! about some books?!

Day 17 - Favorite story or collection of stories (short stories, novellas, novelettes, etc.)

I LOVE short story collections, usually multi-author collections over same-author collections, but love them all the same! So it's hard to pick the best one ever, but I did, earlier this month read a truly, truly amazing how about it?!

This was probably one of, if not the best collection of multi-authored stories I've EVER read. Check it out, folks! Have any of you read it yet? It's really new actually...just was released a month or two ago.