Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Mystery Surprise

Today when I had my usual, daily lunch-hour check-in call with the Hubs from his place of work, I was informed that instead of driving straight home, my Husband would be detouring into town because he had a "surprise" for me that he was picking up.

A mysterious surprise, that he wouldn't even hint at.

And yes, I was wondering whether or not this would be a surprise for me, or one that he would secretly really enjoy too.

It really was a surprise for me...


My Weegie did good. He did real good.

The Hubs was tipped off by a coworker who thought she had seen some of that illusive bean curd at one of the fancier, gourmet-type grocery stores in the area. Said coworker (who shares an office with my Husband and is a sweet lady) went grocery shopping just last night and spotted it right then and there.

She took a cell-phone photo to prove her claim to the Hubs.

He went out today and snagged a brick just for me, after seeing the photographic evidence.

Now that I know it actually does exist in Norway, my head is spinning. There are SO many dishes I've been missing out on because we figured tofu was still a distant dream in our corner of Scandinavia.

Now what to make with the first brick of tofu that I've had in my fridge in a couple weeks short of a year?

Do any of you darlings have a favorite, champion tofu recipe in mind?

Only thing, the package doesn't speculate which type and texture of tofu it is. At this point, we're assuming firm/regular.

I guess that will be the next surprise...